Thursday, June 25, 2009

On this day in history ...

In 1876, George Armstrong Custer spoiled the Centennial by way missing the over/under and getting hisself and his entire command killed by the Sioux at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

In 1948, the Berlin Airlift started. Surprisingly blowing the over/under, Uncle Joe Stalin flinches from sending in the fighter planes, and the city is saved for freedom.

In 2008, some joker started blogging under the moniker "Borepatch". Not sure what the over/under was, but it's sure a fun ride. 40,000 visits and 55,000 page views later, there are some folks that I'd like to thank:

My Blogfather JayG, who not only was the prime mover getting me to start this little corner of Al Gore's Intarwebz, but who has been insanely generous with his time, advice, and range time. Jay, you already know how much I appreciate all you've done, but I wanted to say it anyway.

It was an unbelieveably huge shot in the arm when Tam left a comment (on my second day of blogging - ZOMG!!!1!). She's been one of my favorite reads for a long time, and the fact that she'd stop by and say "hi" meant a lot when I was just starting out. Thanks, Tam.

I think that the best writer that I've met (in a virtual sense) is Brigid. Her style has had the biggest influence on mine, and I'm a much better writer for it. I simply could not have written this without reading her writing. Thanks for sharing your writing with us, Brigid.

To both my regular readers - especially the ones who comment - you are a continual delight. Thanks, y'all!

Here are some posts from the not-your-average-bear category:
  • The post that generated the most traffic: Johnny and June Carter Cash. Thousands of hits, via Google.
  • Nazi Zombies. I get a lot of hits a day on this from Google. Goofy.
  • While "Grace" is my best post, this is a close second. Unlike "Grace", it didn't require any skill or craftwork. Don't get many of those.
  • There sure seem to be a lot of folks who want to hack their neighbor's Wifi - at least, Google sends a bunch my way. So many, in fact, that I put a warning on the top of the post. Let's keep safe out there ...
  • Sometimes I write about politics. Sometimes, instead of being ranty and pedantic, things just work. This post got more links than anything I've done.
  • One of my posts seems to be good enough for someone to steal.
  • And of course, what would this list be without Teletubbies. This is my personal favorite.
So to everyone who's come by in the last year, thanks!

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Jay G said...


Sticking it out a whole year is quite a feat. You've put out some great stuff, Ted, and we're all looking forward to another year of high-quality snark, internet security "meat-n-potatoes", and other assorted bloggy goodness.

Linky-love forthcoming, too...