Friday, June 12, 2009

The one millionth english word is "lamer"

Actually, it's "Web 2.0":
It's official: The one millionth English "word" is "Web 2.0", which secured the the crown earlier today, beating "Jai Ho!", "n00b" and "Slumdog" in the race to linguistic glory in the process.

That's according to the Global Language Monitor, which was uncannily able to predict back in May the exact moment this milestone would be reached.

Look, it's not a word. It's a phrase, mkay? And it's lame.

The Reg applies snark sharp as fine English cheddar:
We're inclined to let it go as a bit of harmless fun and ask the more serious question: WTF they thought they were doing when they allowed lexicographical n00b outrage Web 2.0 shout Jai Ho!?
Plenty more where that came from, Global Language Monitor.

P.S. "Jai Ho!" seems to be Hindi, "signifying the joy of victory". Sort of a sub continent "You have no chance to survive, make your time" sort of thing.


ASM826 said...

"Jai Ho" sounds like a good battle cry for Marines.

Got your card in the mail. Thanks. We look forward to another opportunity to get together.

Hot June weather here. Going to the range tomorrow morning for 1911 and AR-15 practice. Getting ready for an upcoming match.

Then we are going kayaking on Sunday down near the coast.

NotClauswitz said...

"Jaia hey" is sorta the refrain in the Indian National Anthem a sorta, "Go Victory!" thing.
Janna gana mana somethign-something jaya hey!
Adj-din garam chai! (Oops, that means, "Oh thanks hot tea").
They play it before the movie starts.