Sunday, August 31, 2014

8 Rounds

Out at the range to help with new member orientation and I didn't want to waste the trip, so I brought along a 1911. Got to shoot a few magazines of my own reloads. Here's one. From the 50 ft. line, 8 rounds of cast bullet reloads. I can't do this every time, but when I do, it's pretty satisfying.

Cars as works of art

If you are in Atlanta during the next two weeks, make a point to visit the High Museum of Art's delightful exhibit on concept cars.  These are most definitely not your typical Detroit Coffin.

The detail is often more beautiful than the overall lines (which are beautiful indeed).

It's a wonderful exhibit, and has been extended until mid September.  Recommended.


I could talk about milk, bread, and eggs and prove that we all need a cost of living raise. Any fisking of the .gov's claim of no inflation is just on more lie piled on top of the others.What made think of this is a post over at The Smallest Minority on the topic of the cost of reloading equipment and supplies.

It's a comparison of what it would cost a new reloader to get started with some basic equipment and enough supplies to load some common calibers. Here's the depressing news. What's worse is the unavailability of consumables, but just going on the listed prices for the out-of-stock prices tells the tale.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Stay tuned for a secret announcement. An under cover announcement, you might say.

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The secret to happiness

Me, I recommend getting a motorcycle.  Your mileage may vary.

Gran Torino

It's likely all of you have seen this movie, but if not, Gran Torino is well worth the time. Where do you stand when your job, your health, your family, your faith, and your country have all gone AWOL? I think this is one of the finest movies of the last 20 years. Cameo appearances by an M-1 Garand and a 1911 handled relatively realistically by Clint Eastwood is a bonus.

About Obama's search for a "strategy"

Clint Eastwood sure called this.

Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen - Hot Rod Lincoln

I'm headed in to the ATL today to go to the High Museum of Art which has an exhibit of concept cars - 1950s ones that look like space ships, that sort of thing.  The art of the car, as it were.  I'm expecting some hot wheels.

Ten Lessons for Competitive Shooters

Tony's Bullseye Blog posted an excerpt from an article published in the Summer 2013 CMP coaches newsletter On The Mark. It's an article titled Ten Lessons for Competitive Shooters.

I don't shoot Bullseye, but I follow Tony's blog. He did a good job of summarizing the full article, but I recommend, as he did, that you read the whole thing. It starts on page 4 here. It doesn't matter what kind of shooting sport you are involved in, this is good advice.

 Here's a quote. The bolded emphasis is mine.
LESSON 10—YOU NEVER SHOT YOUR BEST SCORE -- This lesson has to do with a mindset that real sports champions all seem to develop. It has to do with whether a record score is a mountain peak or a stepping stone on the way up to a mountain peak that one never quite reaches. It encompasses the idea that no matter how good a winning score or new record was, there are still ways to make that score even better. This was a lesson I unintentionally started to use early in my competition career. However, I didn’t understand it until much later. From the very beginning, I kept careful records in my “shooting diary.” As I recorded my scores I added pages in the back of the diary to list personal records in both practice and matches. This meant that every time I shot, I engaged in personal contests to improve those records. Of course there were practice sessions where I shifted the emphasis to experiments or work on a particular aspect of my technique or positions, but almost every training day included a competition with my personal records. Later when I was shooting with the Army International Team, the same coach who insisted that I analyze my bad shots also began to insist that I find things I could do better even after I won a big match or shot a new record. Yes, even when there was a new world record, there had to be things I could do better.

Friday, August 29, 2014


You may not want to be in a bar fight, but when that guy decides he want to be a bar fight with you, guess what. Once he's circling and throwing punches, you had better get your head in the game. Because if you don't, the outcome will be completely up to him.

All that as perspective on the news that the U.S. has announced it's not at war with ISIS.

Government is what we choose to do together. Like ignoring mass child rape.

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever.
- Thomas Jefferson
If you want to understand the rise of the so-called neo-fascist parties in Europe - Marine Le Pen and the Front National, Jorg Haider, or the British National Party - all you need to do is look at what happened in Rotherham (and seemingly many other boroughs in Her Majesty’s Scepter'd Isle).  An elite who keeps itself safe from the predations seen in Rotherham (where hundreds of children were gang raped over the course of a decade or two) refused to take any action to stop the predations.

Whether this was from an excess of political indoctrination or a class-based contempt of poorer UK natives is an interesting discussion.  And entirely irrelevant.

You simply cannot look at Marine Le Pen, or Jorg Heider, or John Tyndall of the BNP, or Nikolaos Michaloliakos of Golden Dawn without understanding that Rotherham has been happening for a long, long time all over Europe.  There's your "rape culture".

But these are political parties, waxing in strength without doubt but engaged in discussion, not direct action. Anders Behring Breivik shows that there is a part of Europe that is done waiting for that debate to show results.  Indeed, Breivik targeted the children of the ruling elite - a look at the normalization of the rape of native European children in Rotherham tells you everything that you need to know to viscerally understand Breivik's mind set and his choice of targets.

And so the pyre is ignited.  The flames lick the foundations of civilization - but really, just what sort of civilization is it that will not stop institutionalized child rape?  Enoch Powell was right - a river of blood is in Europe's future.  America has prevented that for the last 70 years, but as American influence has receded there, the old decadent European elite has assumed the mantle of governance.

Remember, government is what we choose to do together:
Rotherham council's chief executive, Martin Kimber, said he accepted the report and the recommendations made and apologised to the victims of abuse.

He said: "The report does not make comfortable reading in its account of the horrific experiences of some young people in the past, and I would like to reiterate our sincere apology to those who were let down when they needed help.
There - he said he was sincerely sorry for a decade or more of many hundreds of gang raped children.  Saying sorry is what you're supposed to do, right?

Butt nobody is being fired.  And that is all you need to know to understand the exploding popularity of the Front National, or Golden Dawn.  The Left should be invested in good governance, not because they're the party of Big Government, but because they are sowing the whirlwind.
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.
- Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pink Floyd - Dogs

A rant is coming tomorrow.  In the meantime this song is prophetic.
You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
So that when they turn their backs on you,
You'll get the chance to put the knife in

Shopping at Kroger

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Government as a Unicorn

This is pretty insightful:
When I am discussing the State with my colleagues at Duke, it's not long before I realize that, for them, almost without exception, the State is a unicorn. I come from the Public Choice tradition, which tends to emphasize consequentialist arguments more than natural rights, and so the distinction is particularly important for me. My friends generally dislike politicians, find democracy messy and distasteful, and object to the brutality and coercive excesses of foreign wars, the war on drugs, and the spying of the NSA.
But their solution is, without exception, to expand the power of "the State." That seems literally insane to me—a non sequitur of such monstrous proportions that I had trouble taking it seriously.
Then I realized that they want a kind of unicorn, a State that has the properties, motivations, knowledge, and abilities that they can imagine for it. When I finally realized that we were talking past each other, I felt kind of dumb. Because essentially this very realization—that people who favor expansion of government imagine a State different from the one possible in the physical world—has been a core part of the argument made by classical liberals for at least 300 years.
What I like about this is that it gives a credible framework to have an actual non-shouting discussion with both traditional progressives and traditional conservatives.

It's what you do instead of doing something

Bluegrass Bruce finds some idiocy in New York City:
New York City lawmakers are calling for a public database of gun offenders modeled on the national sex offender registry.  The proposal would create a website listing the name, address and conviction of “gun criminals” in New York City.

Supporters of this effort argue that it will increase public safety by educating the general public as to the whereabouts of dangerous criminals.

“It will make our communities more aware of who is in our neighborhood and what actions they have taken,” said New York City Councilman Costa Constantinides, who sponsored a bill in support of this effort. “Part of public safety is knowing who is on the field.”
I know, you're as shocked as I am to find idiocy in NYC, especially around gun laws.  I would point out to Councilman Constantinides that his statute will last until someone points out the disproportionate race impact of the names on the list ...

How much is $100 worth?

No, this isn't a trick question.  The answer depends on what State you live in:
A new map released by the Tax Foundation shows exactly how far $100 would go in all 50 states.

Using recently released data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Tax Foundation was able to show exactly how the varying prices of goods, housing and income taxes in each state can impact consumers’ purchasing power.
Southerners and Midwesterners have a serious edge over those along the East and West Coasts. A hundred bucks goes the furthest in Mississippi, where $100 will buy you what would cost $115.74 in another state that's closer to the national average. As the Tax Foundation puts it, Missippians are about 15% richer than their nominal incomes suggest. The next low-price states are Arkansas ($114.16), Missouri ($113.51), and Alabama ($113.51). Meanwhile, $100 would only be worth $84.60 in the District of Columbia, the priciest state, $85.32 in Hawaii, $86.66 in New York and $87.64 in nearby New Jersey.
Blue States are expensive to live in and reduce your standard of living?  This is my shocked face ...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Motorcycle vs. Jet Plane

Of course, it was a jet powered motorcycle.

Zero to over 200 MPH in 14 seconds.  [blink] [blink]

At $180,000 I guess I don't have to worry what I'd do on this beast ...

Range Accident

The accident happened at the Last Stop outdoor shooting range in White Hills, Arizona. A 9 year old was with an instructor. She was being shown how to shoot a full auto Uzi. It got away from her.
The instructor was pronounced dead after being airlifted to a hospital in Las Vegas.

Opinions being what they are, along with just how perfect hindsight can be, I can say that letting a 9 year old any inexperienced person hold an automatic with a full magazine is an extra level of risk. A sad event for everyone involved.

Rape culture

It's real: Revealed: How fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers saving up to 1,400 children from sexual exploitation at the hands of Asian men in just ONE TOWN

I would describe the state of Progressive Intellectuals as "frivolous" but that really does not capture the situation at all.  The cowardly way that these people stood by when they knew of the abuse, combined with the smug arrogance that assumes that they're smarter, nicer, and more noble than you and me - "frivolous" is not at all le mot juste. There is a word for this but I try to keep the language here at the PG level.

And the same people who think exactly the same way as the Rotherham town council are bleating on about "rape culture" at American Universities. 

OK, gentle readers - should I do "Kilted To Kick Cancer"?

It was Prostate cancer that took Dad, and so I have a motivation.  Plus I'm told that I have particularly good legs, and so this would be a public service for my Lady Readers.  But it's a good cause, with a good sense of humor, which I find attractive.

But some things cannot be unseen.  And so, my question to you: should I spring for the kilt and put my dignity on the line, for a good cause?  Discuss in the comments section.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In Other News

Sales of noise cancelling headphones is poised to skyrocket.

Stay Cats - Foggy Moutain Breakdown

Pretty darn good, actually.

What does government planning do to people's homes?

It shrinks them:
Ever since the British parliament passed the Town & Country Planning Act in 1947, housing in that nation has gotten less and less affordable. As a result, the average size of new homes today is only 925 square feet, down 44 percent from the average size in 1920. Meanwhile, the average size of new home in the United States in 2013 was 2,598 square feet, up 56 percent from 1,660 square feet forty years before.

Eric Pickles, Britain’s community secretary, blames the problem on “Labour policy, which decreed that at least 30 homes had to be built on every hectare of land” (about 12 per acre). But we know the problems go back well before the previous government, and the Tories had plenty of chances to reverse the policies in the Town & Country Planning Act.
As the post points out, this isn't a party issue - both major parties are essentially identical on this, just as both major US parties are identical on the issue of immigration.

Instead, this is an issue of class war waged by a self-anointed "elite" against a middle class they hold in contempt.

The Irony Strikes Home

The student-run newspaper at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia is changing its name. Since Fredericksburg was the site of several battles during the Civil War and has a lot of historical connections to that time in American history and there the double meaning of the word (think "bullet points" in a presentation), the university newspaper was called The Bullet. It has had the name since 1922.

Terrible, terrible thing to call a university newspaper, the name has violent connotations.  It also has connections, one supposes to the Civil War. Here's what the current editor in chief had to say:
Alison Thoet, the paper’s editor-in-chief, told Campus Reform in an interview that the editorial board felt the old name was “a little outdated” and was more representative of the Fredericksburg, Va., community’s ties to the Civil War and not the school as a whole.
In this day and age, no one really cares about the Civil War. We wanted something that was updated,” Thoet said. (bolded for emphasis)
No one really cares about the Civil War in this day and age. Okay, I'm going to accept that at face value. There's just one more thing I want to share about this story. Obviously they have picked a new name for the student paper. They decided to name it The Blue & Grey Press.

Sonet 66

Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts; shut not thy merciful ears to our prayer; but spare us, Lord most holy, O God most mighty, O holy and merciful Saviour, thou most worthy judge eternal, suffer us not, at our last hour, for any pains of death, to fall from thee.
- Book of Common Prayer
When it is time for me to bid fare thee well to this mortal coil, I should like Brigid to send my soul Bound For Glory.  If she is unavailable, I shall have to settle for second best (say, the Bard of Avon).  Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

It's hardest for those left behind when Eternity comes as a bolt from a clear blue sky.  Our prayers go out to SciFiChick, and even more to her family, grappling with the dream turned suddenly to dust.

Te decet hymnus Deus, in Sion,
et tibi reddetur votum in Ierusalem.
Exaudi orationem meam;
ad te omnis caro veniet.
Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine,
et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dick Dale - Pipeline

This has everything: Stevie Ray, THE Dick Dale, Annette Funicello, Gilligan and the Skipper, big '80s hair, pink suits and Wayfarers, and screaming guitars.  This is why we beat the Commie Bastards.

You're welcome.

Bacon. Now even more awesome.

The Hitler Diaries v2.0

I call fake:

First Superman comic is expected to fetch millions on eBay

The copy of Action Comics #1 is said to be in the best condition of any copy currently in existence.


According to Cnet, the copy soon to be auctioned on eBay was rated by the Certified Guaranty Company, a well-known comic book quality rating company, as having a condition of 9.0 out of 10, the highest quality rating a copy of Action Comics #1 has ever received. The colors are said to be vibrant, and it even has white pages where most existing copies have long since yellowed.
These were printed on pulp paper, the cheapest available at the time (well, maybe newsprint was a little cheaper, but not much).  There was a ton of acid residue left over in the paper, which is why these things would yellow over time.  This is why when you have a particularly nice piece of art framed that you use "acid free" matting.

This is a hoax, just like the Diaries.  And for precisely the same reason. But this does highlight the first rule of eBay: "A [blank] and his [blank] are soon [blank]."  There will be a short quiz at the end of the day.

Things A-10 Pilots don't say

Entirely safe for work.  Like I said, it's things they don't say ...


Sunday, August 24, 2014

My view yesterday from the motorcycle

Ah, whatever cools you off.  Hiding out at the bank's ATM works pretty well when it's covered.

What I love about living in Hotlanta

You can say to someone "Hey, remember that time it snowed?" and they will know exactly which day you're talking about.

More manipulating climate data

Oh hum, same old boring scientists-are-changing-the-climate-data story.  What's different is that now it's starting to be reported in the news media, Down Under at least:
One of the most extreme examples is a thermometer station in Amberley, Queensland where a cooling trend in minima of 1C per century has been homogenized and become a warming trend of 2.5C per century. This is a station at an airforce base that has no recorded move since 1941, nor had a change in instrumentation. It is a well-maintained site near a perimeter fence, yet the homogenisation process produces a remarkable transformation of the original records, and rather begs the question of how accurately we know Australian trends at all when the thermometers are seemingly so bad at recording the real temperature of an area. Ken Stewart was the first to notice this anomaly and many others when he compared the raw data to the new, adjusted ACORN data set.  Jennifer Marohasy picked it up, and investigated it and 30 or so other stations. In Rutherglen in Victoria, a cooling trend of -0.35C became a warming trend  of +1.73C. She raised her concerns (repeatedly) with Minister Greg Hunt.

Now the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has been forced to try to explain the large adjustments. Australians may finally gain a better understanding of what “record” temperatures mean, and the certainty ascribed to national trends. There is both a feature and a news piece today in The Weekend Australian. – Jo Nova The heat is on. Bureau of Meteorology ‘altering climate figures’ — The Australian
Here's what "peer-reviewed climate science" looks like:

In other the-data-are-bad news, the National Climate Data Center's feed of record temperatures has gone missing.  Is it a regular government screw up, or is it because cold records outnumber warm records by three to one this summer?  The World wonders,  But don't you dare question the white lab coat Priests of the Great Warming, prole.  Pay no attention to the crummy data everywhere.  Know your place. 

Hat tip: Rick, via email.


I'll echo Borepatch, not much to say today, regular blogging to resume later in the week. Meanwhile, here's a picture I took a couple of days ago.

The content-less blog

While it might be an exaggeration to things this way, I've been so busy lately that I haven't been posting on my regular schedule or with as much thoughtful analysis as usual (there's a scary thought, that my posts had thoughtful analysis).  What's unusual is why I've been so busy - I've been much more social the last week and a half or so.  It's been very nice indeed to hang out with friends, rather than on the 'net.  And that's looking to continue for today, too.

And so as an apology to my gentle readers, all blog posts shall be entirely free for the rest of the weekend. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The weather today

Oh Lord!

Yes sir!

Good thing it's not too hot on moving day

And by "not too hot" I mean "good thing it's the hottest day of the year".

Helping a friend move. #2 Son has Zombie Response well in hand.

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Tedeschi Trucks Band - Bound for Glory

My aunt was a fine lady, and a pillar of her church.  I have no doubt that she's Glory Bound.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Motorcycle project continues

Das Bike before:

Das Bike after a long lunch hour in the hot sun and with a skinned knuckle or two:

Sissy bar and saddle bags.

Because everyone needs to be safe when I'm popping wheelies ...

Because I'm all about safety.  So after about $800, I'm about where the other bike I had wanted was, only this only has 6,000  miles instead of 30,000.

Nigerian scammers stageting Global Warming believers and Democrats

I'm not making this up:
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the “William J. Clinton Foundation” are giving away $900,000 — but first you need to send in your date of birth and marital status to obtain the prize.

The scam letter says it has only been sent to “18 lucky recipients” and informs the receiver that the UNFCCC is awarding the “yearly award” of $900,000 to celebrate its 18th anniversary — the first contradiction in a series of red flags.

The prizes will be given for the recipient’s “personal business development and enhancement of their educational plans and to create awareness in their community on the dangers posed on our planet by climate change as a result of pollution and Environmental Degradation,” the letter says.

It includes an email code number and batch number to claim the award. The sender must give a full name, country, contact address, telephone number, fax number, marital status, occupation, date of birth, gender and alternative email to receive the prize.
[Insert snarky comment here]

Shooting Low Left

Lots of people shoot low left when they first start pistol shooting. They start out aimed at the target alright, but sometime between then and when the bullet leaves the barrel, things go awry.

Here's an article by Tom McHale explaining both the why and what to do about it. This isn't for us, of course, this is for that newbie you're planning to take to the range next weekend. Yeah, that guy, 'cause our groups are always so stellar.

Saddle bags for the motorcycle are here

And a sissy bar.  Pics when I get the time to put them on the bike.  It's sort of like Christmas morning - some assembly required.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A prayer

I will not die this way.

I'm told that my aunt died in her apartment while she was up and around in one of the rooms.  The apartment manager began to wonder why she hadn't picked up her main in a few days.  Now we're trying to figure out how to get that room cleaned before Mom goes to visit.  This is a nasty business about a woman who did not deserve this end.

I'm not even sure what to write here, other than my kith and kin will not have to do this for me, if I have any say in the matter.  Life is more than being discovered days later.

Carpe diem.  Seize your life and don't let go.  Tempus fugit.  Better this way, which was how she lived her life:

As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good old way
And who shall wear the starry crown
Good Lord, show me the way

O sisters let's go down,
Let's go down, come on down,
O sisters let's go down,
Down in the river to pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good old way
And who shall wear the robe and crown
Good Lord, show me the way

O brothers let's go down,
Let's go down, come on down,
Come on brothers let's go down,
Down in the river to pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good old way
And who shall wear the starry crown
Good Lord, show me the way

O sinners let's go down,
Let's go down, come on down,
O sinners let's go down,
Down in the river to pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good old way
And who shall wear the robe and crown
Good Lord, show me the way
LORD, show me the way, for I will not willingly take that way.  But if this be Thy will, praise be to The in all Thy works.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rest in peace, Aunt Ann

She was a great aunt; I wish I had always been the nephew she deserved.

She was a pillar of her church, and so let flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.

Go to heaven a'shouting love for the Father and the Son.


Pharoah Sanders - Kazuko

Recorded in an abandoned (World War II heritage?) tunnel in Marin headlands just north of the Golden Gate.  This is the San Francisco scene at what was perhaps its peak, in 1982.  Like the tunnel, abandoned, but a tangible reminder of a vigorous past.

What climate disasters does Global Warming cause?

Snow in the UK in August:

So much for summer: Snow set to blast Scotland as forecasters warn of 'coldest August spell in a century'

  • Forecasters have warned that Cumbria and Yorkshire could see the coldest August spell in 95 years
  • The temperature rose no higher than 8.9C in 1919 and it is expected to dip that low again later this week
  • Snow is predicted in the mountains of Scotland as a stubborn band of low pressure drags air in from the north
  • Experts are predicting scattered showers, cool temperatures and windy weather for the next two weeks
  • MeteoGroup has said said there is 'not much to be optimistic about' as the Bank Holiday weather looks 'disappointing'
No doubt all Right Thinking People® will sniff that I am pointing out localized weather, not climate change.  My response is that I'm just playing the same game that they play whenever there is a flood, hurricane, or warm spell*.

Which is another way of pointing out the difference between weather and climate: weather is a localized event unrelated to overall global climate; climate is anything that proves Global Warming™.

Hat tip: 2cents via email.

* My response would also be "neener neener" but that would be juvenile and disrespectful.

How do you say "Hey, NSA! Look over here!" on the Internet?

Use an encryption cipher custom designed by al Qaeda:
The web intelligence firm Recorded Future has posted two stories about how al Qaeda is using new encryption software in response to the Snowden disclosures. NPR picked up the story a week later.


My guess is that in this case they don't even bother with the encryption software; they just attack the users' computers. There's nothing that screams "hack me" more than using specially designed al Qaeda encryption software. There's probably a QUANTUMINSERT attack and FOXACID exploit already set on automatic fire.
[blink] [blink]

I'm glad to see our enemies so monumentally stupid as to shine a searchlight on themselves.  Awesome.

I've been very critical about how NSA is spying on citizens unsuspected of any crime, but this seems to be precisely what they should be doing.  I'm even OK with secret FISA court warrants allowing automated monitoring (and even attacking) anyone using al Qaeda code.  Seems like that falls under "probable cause" to me.

Brian Enos

Brian Enos is a competitive shooter that wrote one of classic books on the subject, Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals, back in 1990. He hosts a website with a large and technical forum dedicated to the topic. One of the interesting things about his take on the subject is the importance of mindset. Beyond the physical skills and practicing, how you mentally prepare for competitive shooting is continuously being discussed as well. Take a few minutes days and look around Brian's forums. A great source of information if you have lots of time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The ten dumbest 911 phone calls

I like the girl whose boyfriend wouldn't propose.

Congratulations to the Silicon Graybeard

His hit counter just rolled over 1 Million views.

Police work is stressful

Because cops have to deal with this sort of thing:
At 5.45pm on Monday 11 August, [Portland, OR] North Precinct officers received a phone call about a chicken wandering across Highway 30 in Linnton.

The police announcement is headed "Officers Unable to Determine Chicken's Intent". And it goes on:

"This is not a prank call", the caller said. "There is actually a chicken trying to cross the road. It's really trying to go into the middle. I had to slow down to almost a complete stop."
The urge to tase the caller must have been exceptional, and the Portland PD is to be commended for showing the manly self control needed when Justice and all the Angels of Heaven were crying out to give the caller a jolly good thrashing.


We always overestimate the importance of things that are close to us.

There's likely an evolutionary advantage to that.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Songs about motorcycles

Not what you're thinking ...


Both the question and the answer.

So just who is it that's trying to infect your computer?

It looks like it's the Western Intelligence Agencies:
There's a new story on the c't magazin website about a 5-Eyes program to infect computers around the world for use as launching pads for attacks. These are not target computers; these are innocent third parties.

The article actually talks about several government programs. HACIENDA is a GCHQ program to port-scan entire countries, looking for vulnerable computers to attack. According to the undated GCHQ slide, they've completed port scans of 27 different countries and are prepared to do more.

The point of this is to create ORBs, or Operational Relay Boxes. Basically, these are computers that sit between the attacker and the target, and are designed to obscure the true origins of an attack.
Given the history of data sharing between the 5-Eyes agencies (Intelligence agencies from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), I'm not at all confident that, say, GCHQ (the UK's equivalent of the NSA) is not infecting US computers, and NSA isn't infecting UK ones.

This is out of control.

How bad are the public sector unions?

So bad that the French are mocking them:
But that may not be enough to placate one disgruntled passenger, who became so fed up with problems on France's railways he has decided to create a satirical board game in which players seek ways of creating the maximum number of delays.
In Cheminot Simulator (Rail Worker Simulator), unionised rail staff with cushy conditions seek to work as little as possible and make life hell for passengers in a variety of ways, from strike action and work stoppages, to snow on the line and assault.
The player who wreaks the longest delays wins the game – a concept that has created a buzz at a time when millions take to the railways during the holiday season.
Remember, it's a French guy who designed a game making fun on public sector unions.  You know, those Ecole Polytechnique technocrats who our ruling class think we should ape.  Of course none of the game publishers will touch this with a trois metres pole:
However, the creator found it impossible to get game publishers interested, as they told him it was "too risky".
Yeah, I'll bet.
In the end, he managed to raise 11,000 euros via a crowdfunding website and by partnering with another site called Un Train de Retard (A Train Late), which publishes the total number of train delays noted by passengers. It currently stands at 752 days, 19 hours and 49 minutes this year.

He has since received 300 internet orders.
Yeah, I'll bet it's more than that by now.

Via Peter, who you do read every day.  Right?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Things you can say about some things, but not your girlfriend

Safe for work, but naughty - err, that's the point, right?  I love the motorcycle ones.

What Are You Shooting At?

At the range yesterday afternoon and I thought of this post. There are a lot of unavoidable expenses in the shooting sports. Guns, ammo, spotting scopes, hearing protection, eye protection, reloading supplies, and so on. Fairly expensive outlays, when you add it up.

So what are we shooting at? Cheap paper plates with a spot of magic marker or a dark paster in the center. Put up the target stands, or use the backer boards, and staple a couple of plates on it. It makes the target cost very close to nothing.

If you looking for something better different, there are alternatives. Here's a thread with lots of links to printable targets of every sort. Your local gun store has a selection he'd like to interest you in. But I can tell you, most of the guys have a pack of these somewhere in the truck.

What a good day

Yesterday I met up with friends to go into the ATL - I don't think I've done that in 6 months or more.  Yes it was hot, but not bad for Atlanta in August.  BBQ was eaten.  Conversation silly and deep was had.  The Art festival at Piedmont Park wasn't packed like I'd feared (I'm not keen on crowds).  Snow cones and popcorn and wandering sure was fun.

The park itself is a refuge for half tame wild life.  Everything looked well fed, so the kids have presumably been bringing bread for the ducks and assorted other inner city welfare birds.

It was one of the best times I've had in ages.  I shall have to do this again.  Sure cut into my blogging, though.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pig roast

I need to start going to some BBQ festivals on the motorcycle, maybe meeting up with buddies on motorcycles (*cough* Uncle Jay *cough*).

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Hawtie Hogs

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This is pretty big news if it all holds up: Viking Ship Unearthed In Memphis.

Of course it was well known that climate was much warmer when the Vikings sailed to the New World (at least until Michael Mann tried to disappear the Medieval Warm Period down the Memory Hole of Inconvenient Truths).  And it's quite likely that large scale migrations via the sea were common, or at least not unusual.

Here's another gigantic time sink. If you have lots of time, like you're snowed in for a week, and you have an interest in Browning's legendary pistol, click the links.

There's the main site, the e-zine, and the forums.

Getting ready to try checkering your own front strap? Excellent detailed article.

Just trying to put it back together correctly after a detailed strip? Drawing, pictures, and a video guide.

Want to build your own or having a problem?

Would you like to understand how your new pistol works?

And so on, down the rabbit hole.

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And loud, Loud Music)

Today is the Atlanta BBQ Festival.  Expect pictures later.  But this begs the question - is there a Country Music song about BBQ?  If you're wondering, you must be new here ...

A hotbed of country music in the late 1960s was - perhaps surprisingly - the San Francisco of Haight Ashbury.  Gram Parsons had perhaps the greatest long term impact, but The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia joined with some friends to form the New Riders of the Purple Sage (a country band named after the Zane Grey novel).  It was pretty straight up western swing classics with a solar system of orbiting friends from Big Brother And The Holding Company to Country Joe And The Fish.

This is an old Flatt & Scruggs song, played out of the smoke of San Francisco Beat bars.  It was a groovy scene, dig?  Err, with steel guitars.  You might think that the smoke in the song might have been something other than BBQ; I couldn't possibly comment.

Quite frankly, this sort of creative recombination and synthesis is precisely why we beat the Godless Commies in the Cold War.  Really.

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And loud, Loud Music) (Songwriters: Joe Maphis, Rose Lee Maphis, Max Fidler)
Dim lights, thick smoke, and loud, loud music
Is the only kind of life you'll ever understand
Dim lights, thick smoke and loud, loud music
You'll never make a wife to a home-loving man
A home and little children mean nothing to you
A house filled with love and a husband so true
You'd rather have a drink with the first guy you meet
And the only home you'll know is the club down the street

Dim lights, thick smoke, and loud, loud music
Is the only kind of life you'll ever understand
Dim lights, thick smoke and loud, loud music
You'll never make a wife to a home-loving man
A drinking and dancing to a honky tonk band
Is the only kind of life you'll ever understand
Go out and have your fun, you think you've played it smart
I'm sorry for you and your honky tonk heart

Dim lights, thick smoke, and loud, loud music
Is the only kind of life you'll ever understand
Dim lights, thick smoke and loud, loud music
You'll never make a wife to a home-loving man

Friday, August 15, 2014

I hate to say I told you so

But I told you so, five years ago.  Scarborough: Senior Democratic Senators, Close Political Allies Tell Me Obama Is "Checked Out".

And as to the health of the Republic, a GOP that (with reason) does not fear him will delight in thwarting him at every turn, and the Tea Party insurgency will wax as Progressives everywhere despair.  Good thing that Romney didn't win.

DC News Crew

A Washington D.C. news crew was doing a piece on sketchy neighborhoods. Here's their report.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Gift of Fear

Borepatch's last post reminded me of a book I recently read. The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker. He's in the business of protecting people, celebrities, Supreme Court Justices, and the like. The book came out about 15 years ago and was #1 on the bestseller list.

What Borepatch shared happens all the time, is depressingly predictable, and isn't going to be stopped by a restraining order.
 “Every day, people engaged in the clever defiance of their own intuition become, in mid-thought, victims of violence and accidents. So when we wonder why we are victims so often, the answer is clear: It is because we are so good at it. A woman could offer no greater cooperation to her soon-to-be attacker than to spend her time telling herself, “But he seems like such a nice man.” Yet this is exactly what many people do. A woman is waiting for an elevator, and when the doors open she sees a man inside who causes her apprehension. Since she is not usually afraid, it may be the late hour, his size, the way he looks at her, the rate of attacks in the neighborhood, an article she read a year ago—it doesn’t matter why. The point is, she gets a feeling of fear. How does she respond to nature’s strongest survival signal? She suppresses it, telling herself: “I’m not going to live like that, I’m not going to insult this guy by letting the door close in his face.” When the fear doesn’t go away, she tells herself not to be so silly, and she gets into the elevator. Now, which is sillier: waiting a moment for the next elevator, or getting into a soundproofed steel chamber with a stranger she is afraid of? The inner voice is wise, and part of my purpose in writing this book is to give people permission to listen to it.”
― Gavin de Becker, writing in The Gift of Fear

How many rounds will a restraining order stop?

A friend worked with a woman who was separated from her husband.  There was some unpleasantness involved, and so she got a restraining order.

Yesterday he showed up and shot her three times, killing her.  Then he shot himself.  Their 14 year old daughter is now an orphan.

There's sometimes a darkness in some people's souls.  Hug your children.  Embrace the light.

And prepare for the worst.

Alzheimer's, as documented by an artist's self portraits

The Geek In Heels finds a very moving series of self portraits from an Altzheimer's sufferer.  It starts with this:

And progresses with the disease:

That's only the third in the series of nine.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, these are a painter's equivalent of Flowers For Algernon.  This is what art is for, even when it is heartbreaking.  Especially when it is heartbreaking.

Ever wonder why someone takes a hiatus from blogging?


Playing 1880s baseball in a ghost town

Bluesun emails to point to this bit of nostalgia in action: 1880s baseball technology and rules, recreated every year in a ghost town:

You can see the reverse side of the mitt. Not much to work with!

Center field is the hill covered in sage brush.  The mitts are basically big dinner plates of leather with minimal padding.  Use two hands to make the catches!

Lots more at the link.


This one's been stuck in my head since I first heard it last week.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Heavy Bullets in .45 ACP

Here's a PDF file with load data and shooting results from

Since the standard bullet for .45 ACP is 230 grains, heavy bullets could be anything above that. I think of 246 gr. Elmer Keith bullets but there are heavier. I have the mold for the 452424 and have loaded both in .45 ACP and .45 Colt with that.

As he mentions, the larger bullets are seated deeper in the .45 ACP cases and that changes the pressure for any given powder load. The data in this article is for loads for modern revolvers like the Ruger Blackhawk.Compare your data with several sources and work up your loads from a safe minimum.

This was taken last Sunday at the range. I was shooting some 200 gr. button nose bullets that would not cycle in my 1911. 

Interlude, with silos

When we moved here to Roswell in 1997, this was the end of civilization.  Now it's deep in the heart of suburbia.

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practise resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms.
- Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Good luck with that here in the ATL ...

A Series of Decisions

Walking down the street texting. Bump into a stranger. Stranger and his friend attack you. You happen to be in good shape, maybe have some skills. You defend yourself. Successfully. At some point you pause to see if the other two are willing to end the altercation. One of them responds by stabbing you in the heart.

Happened last night in Toronto.

When is it time to patch Adobe Flash?

On any day ending with "-day":
Adobe has patched seven vulnerabilities in its Flash and Air platforms and one in Reader and Acrobat that is being exploited by attackers.

The vulnerabilities could allow attacker to "take control of affected systems" dubbed critical by the company.
Sort of the usual opening to these sorts of reports.  Notice the part about being actively exploited.  Flash, of course, is the technology that drives Youtube and other Internet video.  Reader is what is very often used to read PDF files.  That means that pretty much everyone needs to get these updates, tout suite.

The Flash update can be found here.  The Reader update is here.

Why Train?

The thing to remember is that violence favors the attacker. He picks the location, the victim, and comes ready with his choice of weapons. The victim gets surprised. Victims freeze, they cooperate, they get in the car, they tharn.

The very first step in training is deciding to train. Skills are a continuum, not an either/or. All my firearm training doesn't prepare me to take on a well trained fireteam in an ambush.  It might serve me in the event that some drug addict tried to rob me at the gas station.

So too the martial arts training. I'm not training to take on the world. If anything, the training has me more aware of how vulnerable we all are. I am training to shift the odds.

I recommend training in unarmed combat, in whatever style works for you, for a number of reasons. Strength, mindset, skills. I think it makes less likely you'll get into a situation where you'd need it, but sometimes you're just backed into a corner and all the other options are gone.

Here's a link from Sam Harris on the subject, it's long and while I don't necessarily agree with all of it, this is a worthwhile read. . Here's a quote:
True self-defense is based not on techniques but on principles. Yes, it is good to know how to deliver a palm strike or elbow to a person’s head with real power (technique), but it is far more important to know when to unleash with whatever tools you have for the purpose of immediate escape (principle). You must install a trigger in your mind—to act explosively once a certain line has been crossed—and you must understand that your inclination will most likely be to freeze and acquiesce, in the hope of avoiding injury or death. Mental preparation is a matter of resolving, in advance, to burst past these inhibitions and escape immediately, or fight with everything you’ve got until escape is possible.
With whatever tools you have.

Lord Of The Rings geekery

Why didn't they just fly the ring to Mt. Doom on the eagles?  Actually, this sort of makes sense.

Hat tip: A Large Regular, who has a ton more cool stuff.

No Obligations

If you are walking down the street and encounter someone or something that seems wrong, respond to your feelings. Stop, turn back, cross the street. Do whatever seems necessary for your own safety. You are under no obligations to keep walking, to be polite to strangers, to pretend that your internal alarms aren't going off.

The first and most important self-defense tactic is avoidance.

Self defense is about recovery from stupidity or bad luck, from finding yourself in 
position you would have given almost anything to prevent. --Rory Miller.

The Black Hole of Awesome

Stretch emails to point out a site that is so filled with Awesome that it's in danger of collapsing into a black hole of awesome.  Guns and Motorcycles:

That's a Thompson and a Bren.  Do want.  Lots more at the link.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happiness is putting a bit of stick about

House Of Cards reference is purely not accidental.

All You Need

Why you (yes you!) should work for the NSA

Because [redacted - Borepatch] great place to start.  Like this:

So what do I think?  I might be holding out for something better ...

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Thanks for making us laugh.  And for so much more.

It's a sadly common feeling, that one that makes puppies cry in the middle of the night, and people walk off stage in their prime.  Very sad indeed.  But time's up.

Time's up. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Price and the Value

I didn't start studying until I was 49. I struggled with rolls and falls all though the first couple of years.Nothing about it came easy to me.

Last summer, I was asked to be the uke, the partner that attacks and then takes the falls, for a black belt test. It is an honor to be asked. It means the person testing respects your skills enough to want you on the mat for their test.

That's me in the air.

What did it cost me to learn this? What value can I put on the knowing?

Go ask your parents, kids

Notice which one spells properly.

If NSA strikes him down he will become more powerful than they can possibly imagine

The secure email service Lavabit shut itself down rather than expose its customers to court ordered NSA surveillance.  And so Lavabit's founder decided to build it better, so that it would be impossible for NSA to do it again:
DefCon Lavabit founder Ladar Levison will within six months carve out a military-grade email service from the ashes of Ed Snowden's favourite email client.

As many of you will remember, Levison killed the service to prevent his clients' information from getting into the clutches of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.


Dark Mail has since expanded to include the Magma email server and the Volcano Mozilla Thunderbird desktop client, and has been re-badged as the Dark Internet Mail Environment (DIME).

The platform broke up email headers encrypting each piece before it was sent and was built so that no single service could hold all of the data - a bid to shake off further Lavabit-style requests from government spy agencies.
The NSA has shot itself in the foot.  Not only have many people in the security community refused to cooperate with them anymore, some very smart folks have chosen to actively try to make NSA's life more difficult.

Me, I don't expect that NSA can possibly reform itself, and likely it will double down on its counter productive domestic snooping.  That will keep pouring gasoline on this fire, leading to even less cooperation and even more active monkey wrenching.

Smart guys there at Ft. Meade.

Sad news

My favorite science writer, Nigel Calder, has died:
Nigel Calder, who has died aged 82, became one of Britain's most distinguished science writers during decades of almost explosive advance in all fields of global science. He was one of the founders, and for a while editor, of New Scientist, one of the world's most successful science news journals. He wrote and produced a series of BBC television spectaculars that explored this planet, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe beyond, and in the course of 50 years he wrote or edited at least 37 books.

He had a gift for economy, clarity and vividness perfectly suited to the changing needs of journalism and the increasing complexity of discovery. Although he began his career as a physicist, he understood the important vital divide between journalism and research, and even half apologised for testing a hypothesis with his own experiment, "albeit reluctantly," he said afterwards, "because I do not think science writers should dabble in research as a rule, any more than lobby correspondents should stage a coup d'etat".
My favorite of his books is The English Channel, a book where he sailed his sloop up the French side of the English Channel and then back down the English side.  Along the way he described the seascape, the history, and current events in the areas he passed.

He was also a climate skeptic, and a popularizer of Henrik Svensmark's hypothesis that climate change is driven by changes in the Sun's magnetic field.

Rest in peace.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Made in America

I found a new, old, recoil pad. It's in the original box, still has the screws and instructions with it.

I went to Google Earth and found  4311 W. Belmont Ave. in Chicago. A place called Kitchen & Bath 4 You occupies the space. I don't know if that building used to be the Red Head Brand headquarters or if it's newer.

There's an ad on page 47 of the September 1959 copy of Guns Magazine that references 4311 West Belmont Ave. About the only place I found the company was in old magazines and that's what took me down the rabbit hole.

As an example, here's the May 1930 copy of Outdoor America. The whole magazine is interesting, but look through it for the ads.  I was going to say that one thing unifies them all. But then I did see one for down sleeping bags made in Canada.

Motorcycle want

What's so cool about this bike, other than the sidecar?

The MG-42:


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TSA checkpoint computer reachable from the Internet

And by "reachable" I mean subject to rubber-gloved probulation:
LAS VEGAS — Black Hat USA — A Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) system at airport security checkpoints contains default backdoor passwords, and one of the devices running at the San Francisco Airport was sitting on the public Internet.
Renowned security researcher Billy Rios, who is director of threat intelligence at Qualys, Wednesday here at Black Hat USA gave details on security weaknesses he discovered in both the Morpho Detection Itemiser 3 trace-explosives and residue detection system, and the Kronos 4500 time clock system used by TSA agents to clock in and out with their fingerprints, which could allow an attacker to easily gain user access to the devices.

Device vendors embed hardcoded passwords for their own maintenance or other technical support.
Airport security?  We have Top Men working on it.  Top.  Men.

Old Brass

Time to retire this one.

I opened the crack slightly so it would be more visible in the picture. If you look carefully, you can see the discoloration extending back along the case almost halfway.That's from the escaping gas when the neck failed.

That drop on pressure caused the bullet to hit about 4 inches low. It was at 6 o'clock in the 8 ring. Cost me two points in the slow fire string of the Garand match. Not a big deal, since I only shot an 82 in the off-hand and finished in the middle of the standings.

I carefully inspected the rest of the brass and it all looks fine. They go in the scrap bucket anyway.


Need coffee.

In the meantime, Here's some Chopin played by Horowitz.  Yeah, I'm phoning it in.  Didn't you see the bit about the coffee?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Two Problems

Let's consider two problems.

The first is terrorism. We haven't dealt with it. It's an annoyance. Clearly, to the government, 9/11 was not a wake up call to root this out and destroy it. We're managing it. Not going too far, might upset the oil cartel, not too concerned about another strike, and by the way, a wonderful opportunity to just up the surveillance on everyone, so the big win is to keep some terrorism going.

The second is ebola. Something in the jungles of Africa is a reservoir. Every once in a while, it get out. This time it is in the cities and it seems to be persistent. Bodies are being left in the streets. It is transmitted in blood, urine, saliva, and feces. Corpses remain infectious for several days. Infected people will not show symptoms for two to ten days after infection.

Put those two problems together.

 Make it deliberate, say a committed group of terrorists that wanted to do the maximum damage to the United States.

 Deliberate infection of a number of people in Africa that then immediately fly to several U.S. cities. They would not have to know they are infected, but they might. Either the individuals or their handlers spread it as much as possible. Give a spray bottle to a woman and let her walk through a mall, stopping and cooing over children in strollers. The day care centers would do the rest. Give a bottle of fluid to a hospital worker in the kitchen that is delivering food and utensils to rooms. I'm sure you'll think of others.

 Let's include Mexico City and have it delivered to the areas where the illegal immigrants are gathering to make the crossing. Since our own government is quietly dispersing thousands of people in cities all over the country, all those destinations become infection sites.

In the end, it might not kill that many people. It's the disruption, the cost, the travel bans, and the terror. Because we didn't believe it could happen. We didn't recognize the threat. We didn't believe people could do that. We thought we could contain terrorism.
"No one could have imagined them taking a plane, slamming it into the Pentagon" --Condoleezza Rice

What happened to all the global warming?

This explains it as well as anything.


UPDATE 9 August 2014 16:07: John emails to point out the original source of this, William Briggs (Statistician to the Stars!).  I've linked to Briggs a number of times over the years, typically for his climate science insights.

Bob Dylan (with Johnny Cash) - Girl From The North Country

Country Music's roots go deep, and its influence goes far beyond Nashville.  No less than America's greatest songwriter released in 1969 what can only be described as a country music album, Nashville Skyline.  No less than Johnny Cash - at the height of his commercial success - sang with him on this track.  In fact, the album got its launch with an appearance by Dylan on Cash's TV show.

So why do so many artists go through a "country period" (a recent example of this is Jon Bon Jovi)?  Commercial success is a cynical reason, although Nashville Skyline was Dylan's third best selling album.  A kinder answer is that the roots of country music do indeed run deep, and are entwined with so many facets of this land that it's more or less inescapable to an artist who inspires to greatness.

In any case, this song has been covered by pretty much everyone from Waylon Jennings to Rod Stewart.  Niche, shattered.

Girl From The North Country (Songwriter: Bob Dylan)
If you're traveling in the north country fair
Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline
Remember me to one who lives there
'Cause she once was a true love of mine

If you're goin' when the snowflakes storm
When the rivers freeze and summer ends
Please see she has a coat so warm
To keep her from the howling winds
Please see for her hair hangs long
It rolls and flows all down her breasts
Please see for me that her hair's hanging long
For that's the way I remember her best
I'm a-wondering if she remembers me at all
Many times I've often prayed
In the darkness of my night
In the brightness of my day
So if you're traveling in the north country fair
Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline
Remember me to the one who lives there
'Cause she once was a true love of mine

Friday, August 8, 2014

Every Saturday in America

CMP Matches are sponsored by the Civilian Marksmanship Program. At affiliated clubs all over the country, you can show up and participate with any U.S. vintage .30 caliber rifle. Here's what it looks like. See you on the range tomorrow morning.

My Little Pwnie Awards

All work and no play makes your average CISSP Security d00d a dull boy.  Or girl.  So once a year the community gathers together to celebrate the most righteous pwnage seen over the last 12 months.  It's that time of year again, when the Black Hat Briefings security conference shows the greatest security research (this year sadly without me).

Still, the Pwnie Awards bring some retrospective and, yes, humor to a field that sometimes seems to be nothing but a vale of tears.  And so with no further ado, this year's bleeding turkeys, hung on display for your amusement and edification:
Best Server-Side Bug: (Surprise, surprise) Heartbleed, credited to Neel Mehta and Codenomicon. Heartbleed is perhaps the most famous security trouble of the year, which brought more attention to the many drawbacks of SSL. Although Mehta and Codenomicon were lauded for their work in solving the problem, the open-source community was nominated for the Pwnie for "Most Epic Fail," being that the flaw existed for two years.
I actually think that this deserves a better award than this - Heartbleed is probably the worst security bug I've ever seen, and I've seen literally thousands of them over twenty years or so.  Epic, epic, epic fail (Pwnie Awards fail?).
Lamest Vendor Response: AVG, saying that a software weakness was "by design" and therefore not a vulnerability. This offense even beat out another nominee: "Daniel" from Open Cert who replied to a researcher's request for the appropriate email address for vulnerability disclosures, with "it was not ignored dick head why lie! are you a professional or not? professionals don't need to lie to prove a point they use facts!"
Heh.  I'm going a bit out on a limb here, but it seems like calling someone a "dick head" who's reporting a security bug in your product is the express lane to Internet fame.  Just a guess, though.  But mad props to the AVG support team for bringing the definitive "arrogant junior engineer" dismissivness.  Yeah, we meant to do that stupid thing you're talking about.  Totally.  Amirite?

Others at the link.  And there's this song, too, which is totally how Security rolls, yo.

They in the dark 'cos they got no intrusion detection ...


Quote of the Day, corrupt government insider edition

The New York Crank, in a comment at Comrade Misfit's place about how former NSA Director Alexander is raking in sweet, sweet consulting fees now that he's "retired":
Let's make some clear distinctions here. When Alexander retires and share government secrets with corporate entities for his own personal enrichment, it's called strengthening bank security. When Edward Snowden shares secrets with the American public for no money, it's treason.
Qui bono, who benefits?  Is it us, or them?  Observe the reaction of the Powers That Be, and you will observe everything.
The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern. 
- Lord Acton