Sunday, August 3, 2014

On my bucket list

Chicken Mom posts her bucket list, and quite a good one it is.  I don't think I have a complete list, but this is absolutely on it.

I want to rent a motorcycle and ride from here:

(Maraetai Beach, New Zealand, outside of Auckland) to this:

The Green Dragon Pub, Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand.  The two look to be about a hundred or hundred and fifty miles apart, depending on the road you take.

And the great thing about a motorcycle is that you don't need to mess around with right hand drive cars!


Anonymous said...

My roommate in college spent a semester in Antarctica, and rather than coming straight home when done, he and one of the other guys went to NZ and hiked all over hill and dale. I was jealous.

joethefatman said...

The ride I always wanted to make was from the Oklahoma Texas line on US 83 to where it ends in Brownsville, TX. 830 or so miles on one highway, in one state. And most of it is open countryside. Would have had to have been an early spring ride due to the heat, but I would have loved to do it.

joethefatman said...

Oops. Looked it up and it's 890 miles not 830.

Richard Blaine said...

Oh, hell yes. I don't think I could stop there for more than say... a week, I'd need to go see the rest too.