Sunday, August 17, 2014

What a good day

Yesterday I met up with friends to go into the ATL - I don't think I've done that in 6 months or more.  Yes it was hot, but not bad for Atlanta in August.  BBQ was eaten.  Conversation silly and deep was had.  The Art festival at Piedmont Park wasn't packed like I'd feared (I'm not keen on crowds).  Snow cones and popcorn and wandering sure was fun.

The park itself is a refuge for half tame wild life.  Everything looked well fed, so the kids have presumably been bringing bread for the ducks and assorted other inner city welfare birds.

It was one of the best times I've had in ages.  I shall have to do this again.  Sure cut into my blogging, though.


Old NFO said...

Time with friends IS worth it... The blog can wait...

Dave H said...

Actually, a good time with friends is good for blogfodder. You don't have to be the Defender of the Republic all the time.