Friday, March 31, 2023

We see ourselves reflected in our dog's eyes ...

... not as we are, but as we would like to be.  Wolfgang is most noticeable by his absence - no greeting at the door when I come home, no canine friend sleeping in his usual spot, no morning greeting when I wake up, no goodnight dog biscuits.

What's worst of all is in the mirror, all I see is me as I am.  It sure was better with him.


Wednesday, March 29, 2023

All of Man's virtues, with none of his vices

If Ike wants a friend in Washington, he should get a dog.
- Harry Truman, on Eisenhauer's 1953 Inauguration

It was 2012.  I was done with the Atlanta-Austin shuttle.  What I found was that my family liked me being away from home all the time, as long as the paycheck cleared.  My soon-to-be-ex was increasingly angry and dismissive; my two surly teenage sons were, well, increasingly surly.

And so I channeled my inner Ike and got a dog.  I wanted something that I knew would love me, without asking for anything in return (except for love and kindness, that is).  This was Wolfgang's introduction to this blog.

I didn't know just what an extraordinary friend I had brought into the house.  I did a better job socializing and training him than I had on my old German Shepherd, Jack.  30 years of me growing up helped a lot there.  But Wolfgang was something special.  He loved going to the dog park (morning and evening) which I never did with Jack, and so he became comfortable and social around all the other dogs.  I took Wolfgang on walks in the woods, like I had with Jack.  But as Wolfgang grew, so did his personality.  He had a gusto for life when it was him and me spending time together.  I was his Dad, but he was my friend and companion.

My marriage augured into the ground, and I met The Queen Of The World.  Wolfgang discovered what I was learning, that she was extraordinarily caring.  She made sure his food and water dishes were clean and full.  She gave him a bed (a folded up blanket, but it was his place) which he had never had before.  She gave him his first stuffed toy, which we called his "baby".  He'd never had one before.  I was his Dad, and did things with him.  She quickly became his Mom, and did things for him.  Wolfgang loved her immediately.  

He loved her even when she took his baby and put it in the washing machine.  He lost his mind - it was HIS baby!  He relaxed when she took it out of the washer, and then lost his mind all over again when she put it in the dryer.  But The Queen Of The World made sure he had his own bed to sleep on, and his baby to sleep with him.

Pretty soon she replaced the blanket with an actual bed for him.

She was a great Mom for him.  She got him his first Frisbee.  I threw tennis balls for him to chase, and she noticed that he would catch them when I lobbed them to him.  So she got soft Frisbees and he took to that like a duck takes to water.  He would get huge hang time jumping for them - it was like a shark hitting a tuna.  The Frisbee in the photo below is at least seven feet off the ground.  We met most of the folks in the neighborhood because everyone noticed the big, good looking dog carrying the Frisbee.  The neighborhood kids in particular all wanted to throw it for him.  Wolfgang quickly learned that kids just wanted to play with him.  He loved kids, and they loved him.  The neighborhood Moms all relaxed when they watched everyone having fun with the big Frisbee dog.

Unlike Jack, he also loved being around other dogs.  He would play at the dog park, and was always good about sharing his Frisbee.  I've never seen a dog get along with other dogs as well as he did.

The Queen got him a raincoat, because I would take him out, rain or shine.  She called him the "Morton Salt dog".

You see, we'd go look for deer lurking around Castle Borepatch and sometimes it rained.  Sometimes it didn't.  Whichever, we had our time together every day.

The Queen Of The World and he had time together every day, too.  Christmas was always special, because she filled his stocking to overflowing.  He always got excited when she hung his stocking with ours.  He knew she was taking care of him, in a way he hadn't ever had before.

The move to Florida was good for him, as it was to us.  His back and hips were going bad, and he didn't have cold and snow to deal with, or stairs to navigate.  And while there weren't many deer, there were a lot of cows.  He loved saying hello to the cows.

But time and tide wait for no man, or dog.  His back became nothing but arthritis, and the sockets of his hips were jagged bone.  It got harder and harder for him to walk.  If you look closely in the next picture, you can see that he couldn't quite get his back end all the way up, and his back legs are tangled up.  He'd fall and have trouble getting up.  That was two months ago, and it continued getting worse.

One night he fell and had to pull himself with his front legs to where he could stand up.  You could see the pain in his eyes, and while he never used to whine that became more common.  And so we spoiled him, and made the call to the vet.  The first picture of him is at the top of the post; this is the last photo I took of him.

The Queen Of The World made him chicken and rice, and he ate a huge lunch yesterday, and loved every bit of it.  We gave him Frosty Paws which we'd stopped because it upset his digestive system.  But all rules were suspended yesterday.  And then we went to the vet.

Yesterday was a bad day.  He gave us what I had hoped for when I got him - unconditional, devoted love.  The Queen Of The World and I returned that to him - we used to say that he was our child.  We would give him morning family hugs and tell him "I love you".  Soon he was saying it back to us: Ooo OOOOO ooo.  He would match the word length and tone perfectly.

But of course, he wasn't our child, he was our dog.  Rather than three score and ten, we had him for a decade and one.  We are now constantly reminded of him by his absence, where he should be waiting for us but is not.  Yesterday morning was the hardest; rather than him eager to see me get out of bed, it was silence.  I'm sort of wrecked, losing someone like that.  I am sure glad that I have The Queen Of The World with me.  

Wolfgang was hands down the best dog we've ever had.  He was so friendly with both people and dogs, so smart and easy to train, so well behaved, and so damned handsome that everyone in the neighborhood is sad, too.  He truly earned the words from Epitaph to a Dog:

Near this spot rests one who had
Beauty without Vanity;
Strength without Insolence:
Courage without Ferocity;
and all Man's Virtues with none of his vices.

This has been a long post, but it's his due.  I sure would rather not have the occasion to write it.  The Queen and I will never see his like again.

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
- Will Rogers
Ave atque vale, Wolfgang.  I sure miss you.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Today is Wolfgang's last day

He can't walk without help.  It's time.

Blogging will be sparse since The Queen Of The World and I are busy spoiling him. 

UPDATE 27 MARCH 2023 20:35: More tomorrow, but he was such a friendly dog.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Liminal Space

 Liminal space is a word and a concept I ran across a couple of years ago. When I understood what it was I realized that there were times in my life when I had experienced liminal space and had no words or framework to process the experience.

In some ways, liminal space can refer to a place and how we experience it. It can also refer to a time period and life experience. It is time outside of time.

The death of someone close can push a person into a place where time feels stopped, where even if you are required by situation and events to function normally in an exterior way, it seems that life is on hold. Memories arise of times and events long past. The colors of ordinary life fade.

In the Bible, it is the retreat into the desert. The 40 days, a symbolic number in the Old Testament, not an exact count of days and nights. A time apart from the ordinary flow of life.

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion is a modern example of the experience. Ms. Didion's book chronicles her grief following the sudden death of her husband. The suspended time of weeks and months where she thinks irrational thoughts and hopes, awash in memory, wanting to bring him back. The time fades slowly back to normal as she processes the loss and begins to resume her life.

My own experiences with this phenomena is not to fight it or try to move past it. Give it the time and respect it deserves. Look deeply at the loss, your grief, the regrets and guilt you feel. Take the time and space you need.

Decades ago, in what I see as my first adult experience with liminal space, the Catholic church in the town  I lived in was an old, very small, building and it remained unlocked. You could go in day or night. Attending service there was a completely different experience to being there alone. The silence and sense of timelessness was nearly overwhelming. I carried a camera with me once and here is one of the pictures I took trying to capture it on film.

I share this, not to focus on my losses, but to offer my thoughts and condolences to Borepatch. As he mourns his brother and faces the loss of Wolfgang in the coming days, I ask you all to keep him in your thoughts, whatever that might mean to you.

"Honor the space between no longer and not yet."

--Nancy Levin

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Luke Combs - Still

This week as another offering from the New Nashville, one that gives me hope for the future of Country Music.  It's a brand new release from Luke Combs that could have come out 30 years ago.  It's classic country.

The Queen Of The World pointed this out to me, thinking it would make a good Saturday Redneck post.  She's single-handedly trying to rescue country music for me.

Still (Songwriters: Luke Combs, Jamie Davis, Ray Fulcher, Dan Isbell, Dustin Nunley)
Sure as the north star shining Sure as in spring the dogwoods bloom Sure as the sunset sinking west before it falls Like the leaves in autumn trees were made to do I’m still falling for you girl From the second that I saw you My whole world stood still After all this time I’m just as in love as the day I made you mine I ain’t stopped flying high and never will I’m falling for you still Sweet as summer honeysuckle True as the words written in red Pretty as the daisies growing wild upon the hill Like the rain that came from storm clouds overhead I’m still falling for you girl From the second that I saw you My whole world stood still After all this time I’m just as in love as the day I made you mine I ain’t stopped flying high and never will I’m falling for you still I’m still falling for you girl From the second that I saw you My whole world stood still After all this time I’m just as in love as the day I made you mine I ain’t stopped flying high and never will I’m falling for you still Falling for you girl From the second that I saw you My whole world stood still After all this time I’m just as in love as the day I made you mine I ain’t stopped flying high and never will I ain’t stopped flying high and never will I’m falling for you still Falling for you still

Friday, March 24, 2023

Rest In Peace, Younger Brother Borepatch

Older Brother called yesterday with bad news.  Younger Brother died suddenly and unexpectedly.  There sure seems to be a lot of death in my family lately.  Do not recommend. 

Younger Brother didn't like the classical music I used in Dad's send off.  He didn't care for the Gospel I used for Mom's.  He liked this, and I sort of think that he'd think it would be appropriate.

Ave atque vale, Bro.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Elmore James - The Sky Is Crying

James died far too young at 45.  He wrote this song, which is one of the Blues classics.  You wonder what else he would have written if he had gotten his full three score and ten.


Dad Joke CCL

I missed the Ides of March, so this is a belated Ides Dad Joke.

How do you make a Caesar Salad?

Stab it a bunch of times. 

Repost on why computer security is so hard

I see that a few dozen of you have clicked through to the old post I linked to yesterday (well done, you!).  I'm reposting it here because it has held up so well.  Remember, this post was written almost 15 years ago and the Android data disclosure problem shows that it is still current .  It is also one of the very first posts to get the Best Post tag.  It's interesting (and a little gratifying) to be able to dust off such an old post to illustrate current events.

Note that I had to update a link in the post due to Internet link rot.

======= Originally posted 7 September 2008 ==========

We're not as smart as we think we are

Ever wonder why bridges almost never fall down? They almost never do, and when it happens, it's big news.

Ever wonder why you have to update your computer every month because of security bugs? (and while Microsoft is the example here, this applies to every computer, every operating system, and every application).

The biggest problem is that software technology changes so quickly. If your code is still being used ten years later, that's a big win. If it's being used twenty years later, it's headlines. Yet there are modern-design bridges that are older than the United States.
This is the Iron Bridge, the world's first bridge made entirely from iron. When it was completed in 1781 it was one of the wonders of the world, and a triumph of the Industrial Revolution. Other than being made of iron, it is entirely unremarkable to people today. The basics are simple, even after a couple centuries:
  • Bolt the girders together.
  • Paint the iron to make sure it doesn't rust.
  • Check the bridge regularly, especially for rust.
Software isn't like that. You can change software so that it does other things, sometimes radically different things. While it starts out as a simple, say, text editor, by the time you're done adding new features, it's Disco-Roller-Fishing.

Back to bridges. You never hear the following said in discussions about bridges:
We'd like you to change your girder_connector_bolt() function to also spread Nutella on toast.
This is not only possible with software, but it happens all the time:
We'd like you to add IP network capability so that people can remotely manage the factory control system.
The problem is that we're not as smart as we think that we are. Adding the IP networking capability adds security risk, but nobody stops to think about those new risks. And then someone finds out that a single IP packet can crash the process control computer [this is the link that I had to update due to Internet link rot - Borepatch] that controls your industrial ovens, and all your cookies burn up.


This happens all the time, because we like to turn our pretty solid factory process control system into a Web 2.0 Disco-Roller-Fishing portal. Think about this before you get all excited about online banking.

Any change you make to software may add a security bug. Even fixing a security bug can introduce another security bug.

Upgrading from a 32-bit CPU to a 64-bit CPU is, shall we say, a "target rich environment". Dave LeBlanc (one of the smartest coders I know) shows how. This one is pretty funny (in a really security geeky way) because you may introduce a security bug without changing the code - just recompiling it for 64-bit is enough to do the damage. One of your key security assumptions - which was perfectly valid on 32-bit - is no longer valid on 64-bit.

Now let's run it in a virtualized environment. How's your security? (Cliff Note's answer: you don't know, and nobody else does, either)

Computer security is a really interesting field. Because of the rate of change in computer technology, it never lacks for something new. But I think that maybe we've lost, and that it's Game Over.

Iron Bridge? #2 son understands it; #1 son might be able to design it. And it wouldn't fall down, either.

Software? We can make everything safe except for Disco-Roller-Fishing.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023


How do you get a squirrel to like you?

Act like you're nuts.

Nota bene: The guy who took these pictures must have been nuts indeed. 

More Android security problems

TL;DR: all photos that were cropped on Google Pixel Android phones from 2018 until this month didn't actually delete the cropped data which can be recovered.  If the cropping was done for purpose of privacy or redaction, then the photos (which very well may have been shared on social media) are not secure at all.

Details: security is a subtle thing - one day you can be secure and the next day not.  This problem came from a change in the Android OS.  The way one of the OS functions worked in Android 9 changed with Android 10.  But the implications of this were subtle and app developers didn't realize the implications, so the Markup app that functioned securely under Android 9 suddenly functioned insecurely under Android 10.  We've actually seen this before (note: this is one of my favorite posts here).

So what do you do if you have one of these phones, and pictures that you've cropped?  Well, the new Android updates fixes the bug, so you don't need to worry about new pictures that you've cropped.

But every one of your pix that you cropped between 2018 and this month can expose cropped data.  You'll have to decide if this is a problem for any particular picture.  If it is, you should display the picture in full screen mode and then take a screenshot - and then delete the original picture.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

If you have a Samsung cell phone there's a critical security bug you need to pay attention to

There's a very nasty security bug, and you need to change your phone's settings:

Google security analysts have warned Android device users that several zero-day vulnerabilities in some Samsung chipsets could allow an attacker to completely hijack and remote-control their handsets knowing just the phone number.

Between late 2022 and early this year, Google's Project Zero found and reported 18 of these bugs in Samsung's Exynos cellular modem firmware, according to Tim Willis, who heads the bug-hunting team.

Four of the 18 zero-day flaws can allow internet-to-baseband remote code execution. The baseband, or modem, portion of a device typically has privileged low-level access to all the hardware, and so exploiting bugs within its code can give an intruder full control over the phone or device. Technical details of these holes have been withheld for now to protect users of vulnerable gear.

It's actually normal to withhold details until there's a fix.  The researchers contact the manufacturer and give them details so they can create a fix.  Releasing details before the fix is ready will just help the Bad Guys develop an attack.

So if you have one of these things, here's what you need to do:

According to Google, the following devices use potentially vulnerable Exynos modems: Samsung's S22, M33, M13, M12, A71, A53, A33, A21s, A13, A12, and A04 products; Vivo mobile devices including the S16, S15, S6, X70, X60 and X30 series; the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series of devices from Google; and vehicles that use the Exynos Auto T5123 chipset.

Google issued a fix for CVE-2023-24033 affecting Pixel devices in its March security update. Until the other manufacturers plug the holes, Willis suggests turning off Wi-Fi calling and Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) to protect against baseband remote code execution, if you're using a vulnerable device powered by Samsung's silicon.

I don't use Android so can't really help with how to turn off WiFi calling and VoLTE, but it should be in the Settings.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Where has all the warming gone?

We are told that the reason that we don't see new record high temperatures despite the global climate getting hotter is that the winters are getting warmer while the summers are not.  Unfortunately for this explanation, this doesn't seem to be the case. Tokyo winters have been getting colder for 40 years

Tokyo winters have been cooling since 1984

With all the news about global warming, surely the decades long winter-trend for the city of Tokyo must be one of strong warming. Yet, looking at the mean DJF winter temperature trend for Tokyo going back 39 years using the untampered data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), we see a trend that has to surprise the global warming bedwetting dolts:

Data source: JMA

I seem to be repeating this message - I posted about this last year.  But "hottest year ever!"  Yawn.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Jerry Goldsmith - Love Theme from "Chinatown"

Chinatown may be the ne plus ultra of Film Noir.  Scoring 11 Oscar nominations (including for best Score), it has memorable quotes ("Forget it, Jake.  It's Chinatown.") and great acting.  Uan Rasey's haunting trumpet on this piece mostly exceeds our ability to describe it: "lush" and "romantic" are both true but fall far short.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Megan Moroney - Tennessee Orange

Long time readers will know my dislike of "modern" Country music.  But The Queen Of The World told me that I had to listen to this song.  You see, she had been an Atlanta Braves fan but she started wearing Red Sox shirts for me.  Remember, all you need is three chords and the truth.  

Tennessee Orange (Songwriters: Paul Jenkins, David Fanning, Ben Williams, Megan Moroney)
Mama, I'm calling, I've got some news
Don't you tell Daddy, he'll blow a fuse
Don't worry I'm doing okay
I know you raised me to know right from wrong
It ain't what you think
And I'm still writing songs
Just never thought I'd see the day
I've never felt this way
I met somebody, and he's got blue eyes
He opens the door, and he don't make me cry
He ain't from where we're from, but he feels like home
He's got me doing things I've never done
In Georgia they'd call it a sin
I'm wearing Tennessee orange for him
He took me to Knoxville last Saturday
And I wore the hat on his dash to the game
Sure wasn't Athens, but I
Fell for him under those Neyland lights
I met somebody, and he's got blue eyes
He opens the door, and he don't make me cry
He ain't from where we're from, but he feels like home
He's got me doing things I've never done
In Georgia they'd call it a sin
I'm wearing Tennessee orange for him
Mama, forgive me
I like him a lot
Hell, I'm learning the words to "Ol' Rocky Top
And he's got a smile that makes me forget
I've always looked better in red
But I met somebody, and he's got blue eyes
He opens the door, and he don't make me cry
He ain't from where we're from, but he feels like home
He's got me doing things I've never done
I met somebody, and he's got blue eyes
He opens the door, and he don't make me cry
He ain't from where we're from, but he feels like home
He's got me doing things I've never done
In Georgia they'd call it a sin
And I still want the Dawgs to win
But I'm wearing Tennessee orange for him
I'm wearing Tennessee orange for him

Thursday, March 16, 2023

The Wolfgang Chronicles - VI

A few months ago our vet recommended we put Wolfgang on Adequan.  This is a medication originally developed for race horses that helps with arthritis and joint pain.  Since his back is basically nothing but arthritis and his hip joints are all jagged, the joint lubrication that Adequan seems to provide makes a big, big difference.

So big, in fact, that I don't think that he'd still be with us if we weren't giving him these shots.  Generally he, feels a lot better the day after getting the shot and it lasts for a week.

Except it's not taking longer for us to see the effect, and it's not lasting a week.  Sigh.  And it's $150 a month.  Double sigh.

But every day is a gift.  We're going out of our way to spoil him some each day.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Sunday, March 12, 2023

John Barry - Suite from "Out Of Africa"

In this day of cancel culture it is possible that this film might not get made today.  In this day of Hollywood decline (billion dollar comic book extravaganzas to the exclusion of most everything else) is is possible that this film might not get made today.  That's a shame, because it's a great story with great actors giving great performances.  More to the point of today's post, John Barry won the Oscar for Best Original Score.

You've heard his music before.  He wrote the James Bond theme, and scored eleven Bond films.  He wrote the music to Dances With Wolves, Lion In Winter (one of my favorite films ever), and Born Free.  In 1999 Queen Elizabeth appointed him OBE.

Out Of Africa is about the opposite of Bond music.  Rather than exciting and with an edge of danger, it is lush and lyrical.  I quite like this - it's good music for a Sunday morning.

Saturday, March 11, 2023


So it seems that the Silicon Valley Bank has failed.  This doesn't effect any fish out there in San Francisco Bay.  They keep their money in the River Bank. 

Friday, March 10, 2023

Be careful with Ring doorbell video cameras

Police warrant orders man to surrender video from camera inside his home:

Last year, around the Thanksgiving holiday, Ohio businessman Michael Larkin received a request for video from his Amazon Ring security system from Hamilton city police.

He complied, providing video from his doorbell camera that was stored on Ring's servers. After balking at further demands, he subsequently learned that authorities had bypassed the need to get his consent by presenting Ring with a search warrant for video from several of his Ring cameras, including one that covered an indoor area of his home.

According to Politico, Larkin received a notice from Ring that the tech biz had received a warrant and was required to turn over video from numerous cameras, without giving the owner with any say in the matter.

I expect that this won't just happen with Ring video devices.  If you have these sorts of cameras, you might want to make sure they're only recording video of outdoors. 

Thursday, March 9, 2023


Why do elevator jokes make great Dad jokes?

Because they work on many levels. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Better security through software product liability?

This is interesting:

The Biden administration’s new National Cybersecurity Strategy takes on the third rail of cybersecurity policy: software liability. For decades, scholars and litigators have been talking about imposing legal liability on the makers of insecure software. But the objections of manufacturers were too strong, concerns about impeding innovation were too great, and the conceptual difficulties of the issue were just too complex. So today software licenses and user agreements continue to disclaim liability, whether the end user is a consumer or an operator of critical infrastructure. With this new strategy, the administration proposes changing that.

The strategy’s discussion of the issue starts with an incontrovertible point: “[M]arket forces alone have not been enough to drive broad adoption of best practices in cybersecurity and resilience.” Indeed, the strategy goes on to note, market forces often reward those entities that rush to introduce vulnerable products or services into our digital ecosystem. Problems include the shipping of products with insecure default configurations or known vulnerabilities and the integration of third-party software with unvetted or unknown features. End users are left holding the bag, and the entire ecosystem suffers, with U.S. citizens ultimately bearing the cost.

We must begin, the administration says, to shift liability onto those who should be taking reasonable precautions to secure their software. This will require three elements, according to the strategy: preventing manufacturers and service providers from disclaiming liability by contract, establishing a standard of care, and providing a safe harbor to shield from liability those companies that do take reasonable measurable measures to secure their products and services. Together, the three points are based on a recognition that the goal is not perfect security but, rather, reasonable security.

The Devil is in the details, of course, but conceptually this seems pretty reasonable.  Whether this will be used by big software companies lobbying Congress to hobble dangerous competitors, or to squash Open Source software remains to be seen.

Monday, March 6, 2023

No, Chinese researchers didn't crack RSA

RSA is the encryption that underpins secure Internet messages.  Without it, there would basically be no commercial Internet.  So it was concerning to see a paper published saying that Chinese researchers have a quantum encryption technique that cracks RSA.  Except, not so fast:

The paper from 24 researchers in China might have remained a matter for those well-versed in advanced mathematics, cryptography, and quantum computing – a fairly small set of people – but for the fact that it got noticed by cryptographer Bruce Schneier.

"This is something to take seriously," he wrote in his blog on January 3rd, 2023. "It might not be correct, but it’s not obviously wrong."

Schneier did not take a position on the paper, but the following day The Financial Times took notice in an article titled, "Chinese researchers claim to find way to break encryption using quantum computers."

Evidently they haven't.

Late that day, on January 4, Scott Aaronson, chair of computer science at The University of Texas at Austin, and director of its Quantum Information Center, offered a rebuttal with a succinct three word review of the paper: "No. Just No."

Crypto mathematics is notoriously hard to do right, and deceptively easy to screw up.  It looks like this paper made an unwarranted assumption that a particular algorithm is much faster when using quantum cryptography.  It's actually no faster than plain jane cryptography.

So secure Internet messages are safe, at least for now.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Boy, that was fun

Wolfgang's dog buddies came by for a couple hours yesterday.  Not too much running around (he doesn't get around very well anymore) but lots of rolling in the grass and hanging out.  I think they realize that he's not his old self, and that's OK with them.

Got to love dogs.

Wolfgang loved it.  He's good about not whining very much, but he got so excited and happy that he was whining when they all showed up.

Got to love dogs.

He's paying for it - he crashed pretty hard last night and is a little slow and creaky today, but I'm really glad we did this. 

Saturday, March 4, 2023

The Wolfgang Chronicles - V

We're giving Wolfgang a party today, where his doggie friends will come by.  Hopefully it's not a "Goodbye, Wolfgang" party (he's dome somewhat better this week) but we know that he's living on borrowed time.  

And so his buddies are coming by to play and lie on the grass with him.

Every day is a gift.  Seize the day.

Ask not ('tis forbidden knowledge), what our destined term of years,
Mine and yours; nor scan the tables of your Babylonish seers.
Far better to bear the future, my Leuconoe, like the past,
Whether God has many winters yet to give, or this our last;
This, that makes the Tyrrhene billows spend their strength against the shore.
Be wise, strain your wine.  Life is short, should we hope for more?
Even now, envious time has fled.
Seize the day; put little faith in tomorrow.
- Horace, Odes 1.11


Thursday, March 2, 2023

Florida Blog Registration

There's a proposed bill to require bloggers to register and self report monthly to the state if they are are blogging about the governor, attorney general, or other members of the Florida executive cabinet or legislature.

Not a law yet, but a bill. Here's the pertinent section:

 Section 3. Section 286.31, Florida Statutes, is created to
  137  read:
  138         286.31 Blogger registration and reporting.—
  139         (1)As used in this section, the term:
  140         (a)“Blog” means a website or webpage that hosts any
  141  blogger and is frequently updated with opinion, commentary, or
  142  business content. The term does not include the website of a
  143  newspaper or other similar publication.
  144         (b)“Blogger” means any person as defined in s. 1.01(3)
  145  that submits a blog post to a blog which is subsequently
  146  published.
  147         (c)“Blog post” is an individual webpage on a blog which
  148  contains an article, a story, or a series of stories.
  149         (d)“Compensation” includes anything of value provided to a
  150  blogger in exchange for a blog post or series of blog posts. If
  151  not provided in currency, it must be the fair-market value of
  152  the item or service exchanged.
  153         (e)“Elected state officer” means the Governor, the
  154  Lieutenant Governor, a Cabinet officer, or any member of the
  155  Legislature.
  156         (f)“Office” means, in the context of a blog post about a
  157  member of the Legislature, the Office of Legislative Services
  158  or, in the context of a blog post about a member of the
  159  executive branch, the Commission on Ethics, as applicable.
  160         (2)If a blogger posts to a blog about an elected state
  161  officer and receives, or will receive, compensation for that
  162  post, the blogger must register with the appropriate office, as
  163  identified in paragraph (1)(f), within 5 days after the first
  164  post by the blogger which mentions an elected state officer.
  165         (3)(a)Upon registering with the appropriate office, a
  166  blogger must file monthly reports on the 10th day following the
  167  end of each calendar month from the time a blog post is added to
  168  the blog, except that, if the 10th day following the end of a
  169  calendar month occurs on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday,
  170  the report must be filed on the next day that is not a Saturday,
  171  Sunday, or legal holiday.
  172         (b)If the blogger does not have a blog post on a blog
  173  during a given month, the monthly report for that month does not
  174  need to be filed.
  175         (c)The blogger must file reports with the appropriate
  176  office using the electronic filing system:
  177         1.As provided in s. 11.0455 if the blog post concerns an
  178  elected member of the Legislature; or
  179         2.As provided in s. 112.32155 if the blog post concerns an
  180  officer of the executive branch.
  181         (d)The reports must include all of the following:
  182         1.The individual or entity that compensated the blogger
  183  for the blog post.
  184         2.The amount of compensation received from the individual
  185  or entity, regardless of how the compensation was structured.
  186         a.The amount must be rounded to the nearest $10 increment.
  187         b.If the compensation is for a series of blog posts or for
  188  a defined period of time, the blogger must disclose the total
  189  amount to be received upon the first blog post being published.
  190  Thereafter, the blogger must disclose the date or dates
  191  additional compensation is received, if any, for the series of
  192  blog posts.
  193         3.The date the blog post was published. If the blog post
  194  is part of a series, the date each blog post is published must
  195  be included in the applicable report.
  196         4.The website and website address where the blog post can
  197  be found.
  198         (4)Notwithstanding any other law, a magistrate is
  199  authorized to enter a final order in determination of the
  200  reasonableness of circumstances for an untimely filing of a
  201  required report and the amount of a fine, if any.
  202         (5)Each house of the Legislature and the Commission on
  203  Ethics shall adopt by rule, for application to bloggers, the
  204  same procedure by which lobbyists are notified of the failure to
  205  timely file a report and the amount of the assessed fines. The
  206  rule must also provide for, but need not be limited to, the
  207  following provisions:
  208         (a)A fine of $25 per day per report for each day late, not
  209  to exceed $2,500 per report.
  210         (b)Upon receipt of an untimely filed report, the amount of
  211  the fine must be based upon the earlier of the following:
  212         1.The date and time that the untimely report is actually
  213  received by the office.
  214         2.The date and time on the electronic receipt issued
  215  pursuant to s. 11.0455 or s. 112.32155.
  216         (c)The fine must be paid within 30 days after the notice
  217  of payment due is transmitted, unless an appeal is filed with
  218  the office. The fine amount must be deposited into:
  219         1.If the report in question relates to a post about a
  220  member of the Legislature, the Legislative Lobbyist Registration
  221  Trust Fund;
  222         2.If the report in question relates to a post about a
  223  member of the executive branch, the Executive Branch Lobby
  224  Registration Trust Fund; or
  225         3.If the report in question relates to a post about
  226  members of both the Legislature and the executive branch, the
  227  lobbyist registration trust funds identified in subparagraphs 1.
  228  and 2., in equal amounts.
  229         (d)A fine may not be assessed against a blogger the first
  230  time a report for which the blogger is responsible is not timely
  231  filed. However, to receive this one-time fine waiver, all
  232  untimely filed reports for which the blogger remains responsible
  233  for filing must be filed with the office within 30 days after
  234  the notice of untimely filing was transmitted to the blogger. A
  235  fine must be assessed for any subsequent late-filed reports.
  236         (e)The blogger is entitled to appeal a fine, based upon
  237  reasonable circumstances surrounding the failure to file by the
  238  designated date, by making a written request to the office for a
  239  hearing before the magistrate from the Second Judicial Circuit.
  240  Any such request must be made within 30 days after the notice of
  241  payment due is transmitted to the blogger. The office shall
  242  transmit all such timely, written requests to the chief judge of
  243  the Second Judicial Circuit along with the evidence the office
  244  relied on in assessing the fine. The magistrate, after holding a
  245  hearing, shall render a final order, upholding the fine or
  246  waiving it in full or in part.
  247         (f)A blogger may request that the filing of a report be
  248  waived upon good cause shown based on reasonable circumstances.
  249  The request must be filed with the office, which may grant or
  250  deny the request.
  251         (g)Fines that remain unpaid for a period in excess of 100
  252  days after final determination are eligible for recovery through
  253  the courts of this state.
  254         Section 4. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law.


Huh. It seems that the Moon needs a time zone

There are plans to build a GPS and data network, and it no workee (very well) without a reference time.  The Moon doesn't have that.  Yet.

Time being one of the fundamental parts of determining position using satellites, interoperability standards had to be agreed upon after the launches of the various GNSS constellations. 

That has meant making up for slight timing differences between GPS, Galileo and other GNSS systems by introducing fixed offsets – something that everyone involved would prefer to avoid in building out LunaNet and similar systems. 

ESA navigation system engineer Pietro Giordano said a joint international effort to create some form of Lunar standard time began after a November meeting of ESA's Space Research and Technology Centre. 

 I must say, this is very much the 21st Century that I was promised.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Enough with the dishonesty

Good name in man and woman, dear my lord,
Is the immediate jewel of their souls:
Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing;
’twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands;
But he that filches from me my good name
Robs me of that which not enriches him,
And makes me poor indeed.

- William Shakespeare, Othello

I'm with Mike from Cold Fury: Trump has to go.  The only thing I would add is that he has to go because he's too stupid to realize that his idiotic attacks on Ron DeSantis are trivially falsified by watching the video he posted.  Dumbass.

All that one gains by falsehood is, not to be believed when he speaks the truth.

- Aristotle