Thursday, September 29, 2022

I heard from Borepatch

 Borepatch, the QOTW, and Wolfgang are all okay.

Borepatch will give a full report when they are reconnected with the modern world. Neither he or I know when that might be. I heard from him by text message tonight. I don't have much any other information, but I know the regulars were waiting for some report so there ya go.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

As ready as we will ever be

Generator works - some spray brake cleaner through the carburetor did the trick.  Thanks to everyone who left a comment - useful info.

We have lots of water and food, batteries, and everything.  All in all we're bedded in tighter than a tick on a dog.

But this looks like a big one, and the eye of a CAT 4 hurricane will pass within 20 miles.  Weather Underground says it should pass late today.  Good luck to the Florida bloggers.

And Wolfgang doesn't want to go out to do his business when the wind is blowing the rain horizontally.  I expect he'll reconsider once his eyes start to cross.

Monday, September 26, 2022

@#$%! Generator

Damn generator won't start.  It will almost start - start to turn over, but then shuts off.  Here's the situation:

  • Last time I ran it was when I got it, four years ago.  It's been in storage ever since.
  • I drained the gas tank and ran it until it quit before storing it, so it is unlikely that it's a bad gas issue.
  • I checked the oil.  Unsurprisingly, it looks pristine.
  • I filled the gas tank with ethanol-free gas.
Anyone have any thoughts?  I didn't take the carburetor out to check it because that's kind of a pain.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Prediction is hard, especially about the future

And especially if you're trying to predict a hurricane's track.

Divemedic has a great series of posts up about hurricane preparedness (this post will lead you to the others).  He sounds ready.

The Queen Of The World and I are ready, too, although I'll get another 5 gallons of gas for the generator tomorrow.  We have some things that Divemedic didn't include on his list.  For example, a Homer Bucket (5 gallon orange bucket from Home Depot) with a toilet seat and some cat litter makes a makeshift toilet.  Hope we don't need that one, but it's not a bad idea - although Divemedic's idea of filling the bath tub for toilet flush water will be plan #1 ...

But he also points out that predicting the track of a hurricane is not the most accurate science.  We're keeping our eyes on the forecast, and it's changing multiple times a day:

  • At 11:00, Weather Underground said maximum wind speed on Wednesday for our location would be 80 mph (exciting!)
  • At 2:00, Weather Underground said maximum wind speed on Wednesday for our location would be 45 mph (not so exciting)
  • Now (6:00), Weather Underground said maximum wind speed on Wednesday for our location would be 25 mph (not exciting at all)

I don't mind if the storm track moves away from us, but there's no reason it can't move back again.  We both are pretty confident that we can ride this out if it does, and the running around earlier was time well spent.

But Divemedic's post is today's must-read if you're anywhere near the southeast.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Is Tesla's autopilot mode killing motorcyclists?

I don't know, But I Just Want 2 Ride sums up what's going on.  If you're a two-wheels-down sort of reader, you should go check it out.

In other news, I Just Want 2 Ride is still posting.  I think the first time I linked there is seven years ago which is pretty long for the blogsosphere.



 I had a wonderful childhood.

My friends and I used to stick each other in old tires and roll down the big hill.

Those were Goodyears.

LOL [snort]

 Man, that's funny.  Any yes, I am a nerd.  Why do you ask?

Shamelessly stolen from Jennifer who has a bunch of them.  This one may not even be the funniest.

Thursday, September 22, 2022


How do billboards communicate?

Sign language.

Monday, September 19, 2022

The jail is full of animals!

And if you go to Key West, you can visit them at the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Children's Animal Farm.  It's located at the county jail, and got started more or less by accident:

The farm was started in 1994 in an open area underneath the jail facility. The Stock Island Detention Center was built to withstand a Category Five Hurricane, and is built on stilts, about 11 feet above the ground. Underneath the building is employee parking, and a secure fenced area used for the evacuation of inmates in the case of a fire. It was in this evacuation area, initially a graveled area not used for anything else, that the farm was started.

The farm began as a haven for homeless animals. The first inhabitants were Muscovy ducks and a group of chickens which were plaguing a nearby golf course and were being killed on a regular basis by vehicles traveling on the road leading to the jail. A short time after the chickens and ducks were brought to the area, the SPCA in Miami called and asked if the facility would have space for a blind horse they had found abandoned in their area. Using inmate labor, a pen was created for the horse, who was christened Angel, and the animal farm was born. Since, it has blossomed into a beautiful park, complete with an large aviary, reptile exhibit, rabbit warren, farm animals and other domestic and exotic animal species.
The inmates work the farm, taking care of the animals, under the supervision of one of the Deputies.  I must say that The Queen Of The World and I heartily approve of this.  It rescues animals, and it has got to be good for the inmates.

Note that they have an Amazon wish list for the animals, if you want to send something.  TQOTW sent some baby food to Kinx the Kinkajou (a rain forest species).

Bravo to the Monroe County Sheriff for a very creative effort.  We intend to visit the next time we're in Key West.


What kind of dog likes bubble baths?

A shampoodle. 

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Duke Ellington - "Mood Indigo" from the film "Paris Blues"

Actually, it's more correct to call this "Academy Award nominated Duke Ellington" since he was nominated for the 1961 Best Original Score Oscar.  He (and fellow nominee Dmitri Shostakovitch) lost to the West Side Story steamroller (10 awards that year).  But "Paris Blues" is an interesting flick - stars include Sidney Poitier and Diane Carroll matched against Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, and Louis Armstrong made an appearance as well.

It's not the typical Sunday Classical fare but it's pretty terrific.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Joe Bonamassa & Eric Clapton - Further On Up the Road

It's been ages since I put up some blues here.  So here's Joe B. and Clapton.

You're welcome.

Dad Joke CCXXX

Did you hear about the explosion in the French cheese factory?  There was nothing left but de Brie. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Quote Of The Day, medical system edition

Dr. Samizdat has changed his practice, for quite good reasons:

There is no doubt that hospitals are, in this day and time, among the most dangerous places to find oneself surrounded by. The thing I love about what I do now, compared to years past, is that 99% of what I do is considered to be outpatient. I stepped back from a component of my practice that was complex, high-risk, and in my estimation after two decades of experience, had limited impact upon survival relative to what I do now. One of the reasons I altered my focus is that while the hospitals were more than happy to have that complex, high-risk practice under their rooves, they weren't willing to spend the money to provide adequate ancillary support to maintain satisfactory, SAFE postoperative care. These were faith-based institutions, mind you.

You really should go read his post.  The health care system in this country will not survive under these conditions.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Monday, September 12, 2022

Spitfire or Hurricane

The iconic fighter plane from World War II for England was the Spitfire.  But the Brits won the Battle of Britain with a Spitfire-Hurricane team.  So which was more effective? 

It seems that the answer is the Hurricane.  Consider:

From a cost per kill perspective, the Hurricane seems to be almost three times as effective as the Spitfire.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Twenty-One Years

Christine Lee Hansen was 2 1/2. She was going to Disney with her parents when their plane, United Airlines Flight 175, was hijacked by Muslim extremists and flown into the Trade Center in New York City. She was the youngest person to die on 9/11. Her father was holding her on his lap as the impact occurred. We know this because he was on the phone with his dad as it happened.


It was twenty-one years ago today.

UPDATE 11 SEPTEMBER 2022 14:06 [Borepatch]:  (This is Borepatch now)  ASM826 has posted about Miss Hansen for as long as I can remember, first on his blog and now here.  It's a fitting tribute.  I'm butting in with a song that I think captures the mood.

Rest in peace and rise in Glory, Christine.

Friday, September 9, 2022


Which is smarter, Longitude or Latitude?

Longitude, beause it has 360 degrees. 

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Rest In Peace, Elizabeth II Regina

Dead at 95, the second longest reigning monarch in modern history (behind Louis XIV).  She now rejoins her beloved Prince Philip who no doubt has a gleam in his eye and a prank readied for the reunion.

Her type will not be seen again - wiser and tougher than younger heads of state.  Remember, she learned to shoot at 14 by using Winston Churchill's tommy gun.

May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Um, farming is hard work

Peter writes about how a bunch of folks underestimate just how hard subsistence farming really is.  "Green Acres" is funny because Oliver Wendell Douglas doesn't have the faintest idea how to farm, but it's just a TV show.  Reality is different.

Just how different is shown nicely by a very interesting young lady from China.  Li Ziqi has a farm where she grows pretty much everything she eats.  The Queen Of The World found her Youtube channel and I find it to be very relaxing to watch - the music is soothing and the videography is simply spectacular.  There's a reason that her videos have been viewed almost 3 billion times.

But if you watch you will see just how hard she works.  Her life looks rewarding, but she works increibly hard for it.  Folks thinking that they'll set up a couple acre farm for the End Times should really watch a few of her videos just to get a sense of what they are getting in for.

As I said, The Queen Of The World and I are big fans of Miss Li, but we're both a little old to start that sort of lifestyle.

Monday, September 5, 2022

That's some mighty fine bull roping, pardner

A bull jumped the fence into the stands at the Florida State Fair but one of the cowboys roped him.  Pretty cool.

You probably shouldn't call him "Tex".  "Florida Man" is out.  But nicely done.

Hat tip: The Queen Of The World.

Sunday, September 4, 2022


 I have a new mission in life. I want to let everyone know the benefits of eating dried grapes.

It's called raisin awareness.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Tesla Support Vehicle

 When your Tesla needs support, they send a Ford.

Johnny Cash - Don't Take Your Guns To Town

So Dark Brandon gave a speech:

People are scratching their heads as to what motivated what is without doubt the most divisive Presidential speech of my lifetime.  One suspicion is that he is trying to incite some of the 75 million Trump voters to start shooting.  Likely the FBI is working overtime to entrap some "ultra MAGA semi-fascists" like like they ginned up the plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan.

Remember, kids - they guy who says it's time to start shooting Federales is the Fed.  So don't take your guns to town.

Don't Take Your Guns To Town (Songwriter: Johnny Cash)

A young MAGA named Billy Joe
Grew restless waitin' to vote
A good patriotic boy 
Didn't like being made a goat
He changed his clothes and shined his boots
And combed his dark hair down

And his mother cried as he walked out
"Don't take your guns to town son
Leave your guns at home Bill
Don't take your guns to town"

He laughed and kissed his mom
And said, "Your Billy Joe's a man
And I can shoot as quick and straight
As anybody can
But I wouldn't shoot without a cause
I'd gun nobody down"

But she cried again as he rode away
"Don't take your guns to town son
Leave your guns at home Bill
Don't take your guns to town"

He sang a song as he rode along
His guns hung at his hips
He rode into Joe Biden's town
A smile upon his lips
He stopped and walked into a bar
And laid his money down

But his mother's words echoed again
"Don't take your guns to town son
Leave your guns at home Bill
Don't take your guns to town"

He drank his first strong liquor then
To calm his shakin' hand
He tried to tell himself at last
Democrats won't push him around
A dusty FBI  at his side
Began to laugh him down

And he heard again his mother's words
"Don't take your guns to town son
Leave your guns at home Bill
Don't take your guns to town"

And in his rage
Billy Joe reached for his gun to draw
But the Fed drew his gun and fired
Before he even saw
As Billy Joe fell to the floor
The crowd all gathered 'round

And they wondered at his final words
"Don't take your guns to town son
Leave your guns at home Bill
Don't take your guns to town"

A hundred and twenty years have passed
And nothin's really changed
A young man on the city streets
He has to make his name
He's still too young to know
A gun can't make a boy a man

And his mama cries as he walks out
"Don't take your guns to town son
Leave your guns at home Bill
Don't take your guns to town"

The lyrics have been updated a bit for the new Age of Brandon.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Quote of the day - Government mandated electric cars edition

Johnathan Pearce hits the nail on the head:

In my view, the idea of making people rely on electric vehicles (EVs) and then curbing how much power they have, is a design feature, not a bug. Those of a Big Government cast of mind (most politicians) might rather like the idea of fitting “kill switches” into EVs so that a bureaucrat can disable them. By making cars costly and annoying, it also forces people to use public transport.

To dismiss the California ban on internal combustion cars as mere incompetence misses the depth of the fascist evil on display.  They want to own everybody in California, and make them submit to their will.  They simply hate freedom, and that's what cars mean.  It's what California used to mean.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

A picture from Wolfgang's summer camp

He had a blast.


Google is weird

So yesterday my Google pageviews dropped 80%, from over 4000 two days ago to 1000 when I went to bed last night.  Today Google tells me that yesterday saw over 3000 views.

Never change, Google.