Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"I'm afraid of the cops and I'm white!"


And Comrade Misfit has really been on a roll lately:

Steam trains back for another run.

Are we too used to low-tech military opponents?  What happens when we get a high tech one?

What did the British ruling class think of General Douglas Haig?  I hadn't heard that one, and I'm pretty well read on history.  Can't say I'm particularly surprised.  And the obligatory Black Adder reference:

Record breaking 1934 plane flies again.  These weren't just high tech machines, they were works of art.  From the depths of the Great Depression.

Happy blogiversary, Comrade!


bruce said...

John Buchan thought Haig made mistakes, but not many unforced mistakes, and that if he'd tried more of the experiments his bosses pushed on him, he'd have lost the war. After the war he refused a big house and a title until his soldiers got some benefits.

So, not a military genius, but not a fool, by military standards, or a total a-hole, by military standards.

Chickenmom said...

Loved it! Another Friday Night Steamer is out there!

Sherm said...

I'm sure someone has a cunning plan to take care of all these problems.

Comrade Misfit said...

Wow! Thanks for all of the links!

{many smooches}

NotClauswitz said...

No relation to Alexander Haig I guess?