Monday, August 18, 2014

How bad are the public sector unions?

So bad that the French are mocking them:
But that may not be enough to placate one disgruntled passenger, who became so fed up with problems on France's railways he has decided to create a satirical board game in which players seek ways of creating the maximum number of delays.
In Cheminot Simulator (Rail Worker Simulator), unionised rail staff with cushy conditions seek to work as little as possible and make life hell for passengers in a variety of ways, from strike action and work stoppages, to snow on the line and assault.
The player who wreaks the longest delays wins the game – a concept that has created a buzz at a time when millions take to the railways during the holiday season.
Remember, it's a French guy who designed a game making fun on public sector unions.  You know, those Ecole Polytechnique technocrats who our ruling class think we should ape.  Of course none of the game publishers will touch this with a trois metres pole:
However, the creator found it impossible to get game publishers interested, as they told him it was "too risky".
Yeah, I'll bet.
In the end, he managed to raise 11,000 euros via a crowdfunding website and by partnering with another site called Un Train de Retard (A Train Late), which publishes the total number of train delays noted by passengers. It currently stands at 752 days, 19 hours and 49 minutes this year.

He has since received 300 internet orders.
Yeah, I'll bet it's more than that by now.

Via Peter, who you do read every day.  Right?

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Windy Wilson said...

Damn, now I'm sorry I took German in High School.