Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When is it time to patch Adobe Flash?

On any day ending with "-day":
Adobe has patched seven vulnerabilities in its Flash and Air platforms and one in Reader and Acrobat that is being exploited by attackers.

The vulnerabilities could allow attacker to "take control of affected systems" dubbed critical by the company.
Sort of the usual opening to these sorts of reports.  Notice the part about being actively exploited.  Flash, of course, is the technology that drives Youtube and other Internet video.  Reader is what is very often used to read PDF files.  That means that pretty much everyone needs to get these updates, tout suite.

The Flash update can be found here.  The Reader update is here.


Spike said...

Can we just ban adobe products from the world yet?

Rick C said...

"Flash, of course, is the technology that drives Youtube"

You are using a modern browser, right? Get yourself to and turn that on.

(a few seconds later.) Ah, at some point they turned it on by default if your browser supports it.

Ken said...

Thanks, as always. Reading you and a couple of others are the reason my main browser is Opera now, and I use Foxit Reader.