Sunday, August 24, 2014

What I love about living in Hotlanta

You can say to someone "Hey, remember that time it snowed?" and they will know exactly which day you're talking about.


Just People said...

Well, I don't live there. But, I WAS there. It was amazing to see a city grind to a halt in 15 minutes.

Graybeard said...

Same thing works in South Florida. Hotlanta may be around the northern limit for where that works.

OMMAG said...

Kind of off topic ... but a guy I knew who lived in Atlanta took his family on a summer vacation to New Mexico.

Said the weather was much nicer there in July! It must be the "Dry Heat" ;)

atomic-fungus said...

Mrs. Fungus and I are thinking about moving to Atlanta, actually.

Borepatch said...

Come on down, AF. Let me know when you get here.

abnormalist said...

My daughter asked me just the other day
"Dad if we lived in Georgia, would we go crazy like everyone else if it snowed"

"Honey, no, no we wouldn't"

Live from Michigan :-D