Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cars as works of art

If you are in Atlanta during the next two weeks, make a point to visit the High Museum of Art's delightful exhibit on concept cars.  These are most definitely not your typical Detroit Coffin.

The detail is often more beautiful than the overall lines (which are beautiful indeed).

It's a wonderful exhibit, and has been extended until mid September.  Recommended.


Rick C said...

Snort. It seems like all that extra hood space in the first pic would be perfect for housing a coffin.

Bill Matthey said...

When it's not obvious whose concept car it is could you identify it for us onlookers? Thanks!

FrankC said...

What's the stall speed of the first one. I presume it does fly.

bruce said...

wow, Ferrari could't top that rear end pic.
pure glamour