Monday, September 1, 2014

Kilted to Kick Cancer

It was Prostate Cancer that took Dad, and so after dithing for a couple years I'm going all in on the Kilted To Kick Cancer fundraiser.  On Saturday I went to Atlanta Kilts, where Tony very helpfully got me all decked out:

If you are of a mind to donate to a great charity, hit their donation page (and please make sure that you select Team Borepatch - walking around in a kilt is nothing compared to the loss of dignity if Ambulance Driver that the other guys smoke me on the fund raising challenge).


Home on the Range said...

I think A.D. and Jay G, are the bomb - but as my friend and phone buddy for so many years, the ear when I needed an ear, and the sharer of too many recipes to mention, (your soup was awesome) you are going to get my link.

I'll put a link up for you this week.

Dad's been fighting Prostate Cancer for a while. At almost 95 years old, it likely won't be his end, but it's made the quality of his later years not as good as we hoped. But for the research already done on this disease, we would have lost him already. For that I'm grateful to the organizations and fine men like all of you guys, that do what they can to make that battle cry heard.

P.S. - If you paint your face blue I'll kick in an extra $100.

NotClauswitz said...

Lookin' pretty buff and cut there McAmigo!

Keads said...

Very nice Sir! My Father is a PC survivor and this is a cause I always support.

Eagle said...

Good job, and for a good cause. Good for you!

(BTW: did you wear the kilt properly?)

Jay G said...

Et tu, blogson?

(Just kidding, it's all good. Although it does hurt that you stole away my HOTR endorsement...)

Borepatch said...

Brigid, thank you so much. And as it turns out, I have a friend here in the ATL who is a makeup artist. The blue is a great idea.

NotClauswitz, what was funny was that walking around Virginia Highlands (hip part of town with great restaurants) there were two separate groups of ladies who complimented me. Pretty nice.

Keads, it's a great cause and I was thinking about Dad the whole time. That's not bad.

Burt, that information is classified. ;-)

Jay, you inspired me to do this. I'm a bit ashamed I didn't do it 3 years ago, but better late than never.

NotClauswitz said...

Wearing a kilt "properly" is like the first time you carry concealed... :-)

Jennifer said...

Well done. You got my link and endorsement for today.