Saturday, September 27, 2014

Abbey Normal

At my annual physical, my PSA was elevated. The doc wanted to redo the test: no biggie, things are sometimes goofy with False Positives.

It was elevated the second time, too, so they sent me to a specialist for a specific test. The office called yesterday.

The Doctor would like you to come in to discuss the results. They were abnormal. How does next Tuesday work?

Well there's some good news. Especially the "We can't see you on Monday so come Tuesday" bit. Not in four weeks, but four days.

I'm getting behind in the kilt pictures. Sorry. I'm a bit distracted.

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libertyman said...

Read this month's Consumer Reports about tests and specifically about prostate tests and procedures.

Rev. Paul said...

Sorry about the report, but perhaps better to find out now, rather than later?

SiGraybeard said...

My wife went through breast cancer back in '97 and is fine now. (The oncologists say they are virtually the same disease if you interchange a couple of hormones.) You're very likely right about the Tuesday vs. Monday thing. I've seen how they respond when they think it needs to be looked at RFN. When they say now, they mean NOW.

Best of luck. We'll be praying for you.

Hat Trick said...

Sorry to hear about the report. Ask a lot of questions. My dad went through radiation treatment with a doc that wanted to aggressively treat his prostrate cancer. The first doc left the area and the next said that he would have done the "watchful waiting" because tbe initial biopsy had showed that they had plenty of time to take care of it. The radiation treatment took a lot out of him and probably wasn't necessary.

Goober said...

Jeez, that smacks familiar somehow.

Good luck, buddy. It's easier said than done, but try not to let it effect you too much. Spend time with your family, take it easy, and recognize that no matter how yough you think you are, you're just as in need of family and support now as anyone else.

We're pulling for you.

Glenn B said...

Good luck and if it turns out bad, I hope they found it early.

Dave H said...

I highly recommend taking someone with you when you go talk to the doctor. The combination of dreaded or shocking news with the info dump that starts with "Here's what we're going to do..." can be overwhelming, and it's easy to miss some important bits. With two of you listening you're more likely to get it all.

Good luck. We'll be praying for you.

Sherm said...

I went in to see a specialist after an elevated PSA and 10 minutes later I was having a (very uncomfortable) biopsy. Things can move right along when the doctors see a specific path to information.

Old NFO said...

BTDT... treating with meds (for now)

Brad_in_IL said...


My dad went through treatment about 15 years ago and has been fine. He had oral meds -- hormone based therapy if memory servers, and implanted radioactive seeds. The seeds are low risk and very targeted. Complete cure. Then again, with his specific sub-type, his age at the time, and other factors, he was told a cured with 98% certainty.

Bottom line -- get a second opinion. Seek a second opinion from a doc associated with a teaching hospital. They're usually up to date on the very latest research materials. This is a case where you want to be with the cutting edge.

And Dave's suggestion about bringing someone with you is spot-on. Tough news can cloud your judgement -- it really does help to have someone with you.

Good luck and all the best.

- Brad

Ken said...

Best wishes and prayers for a favorable outcome.

doubletrouble said...

Best wishes & prayers your way, bud.

James said...

You are in my prayers, Friend.
---James in Florida

Jennifer said...

Praying for good news

lee n. field said...

Been there, done that.

PSA sometime early this year was elevated. No history in the family. "Well, let's take another one."

2nd PSA was half again as high as the first.

Biopsy (ouch!). One sample out of 12 showed cancer.

At this point I'm 3 weeks past a laproscopic prostatectomy.