Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The doctor called, and my PSA is (still) elevated.  Getting referred to a specialist.  Gentlemen, this is why you get screened.

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And if you click through to read Brigid's post you'll see why she is also invested in this - her Dad is fighting that same fight right now.  She is so invested that she's made an enormously generous offer: the first twenty donations of $50 or more via Team Borepatch will receive an autographed copy of her amazing The Book Of Barkley.


Tacitus said...

PSA is not destiny.

Best wishes and keep a clear head when the statistics and results start to swirl.


Borepatch said...

Tacitus, thanks.

Dave H said...

PSA is not destiny.

No it isn't. It's more more like "I thought I heard something. I should go take a look." Most of the time it's just a squirrel.

My doctor doesn't even recommend the PSA test for patients who aren't high risk, like me. I just get the annual probe.

2cents said...

Ditto on Dave's comment. The elevated PSA only means to go take a look. It generally is nothing.

eiaftinfo said...

Glad you got checked . . . now just hang in there. I am confident you have the strength and can find the support to handle what may be lurking out there.

I put up a post this week after reading your kilted posts for a few days - along with Jay's and Kelly's. It's my journey from about 11 years ago.

For what it's worth . . .

ASM826 said...

Think long and carefully before submitting to a biopsy. Call me and ask for the full tale before you go forward.

My PSA is marginally high. Has been for years, but I got talked into a biopsy about 4 years ago. The result was negative. I will have to have some other symptoms before that gets to happen again.

Tacitus said...

Well, symptoms don't matter much.

Family history and age do. Don't go looking for prostate cancer in 90 year olds. They all have it. Very few if any will die of it. Many would be bothered and a few killed by working it up.

Now, our genial host being a vigorous younger man with a positive family history the odds are different but complicated. Depending on levels and rate of rise a case could be made for biopsy. It is when you get to the treatment stage it gets trickier.

Me at 57, no interest in screening, but of course doctors are pretty skeptical of this kind of stuff...


R.K. Brumbelow said...

@DaveH, If your prostate resembles a squirrel or if while examining it, your doctor finds a rodent of any kind, then either Houston we've had a problem or your name is really Richard Gere

In similar absurdity, I have heard choirs sing horrible angelic conditions in "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" let Angels' prostates fall indeed.

doubletrouble said...

True, dat- PSA is only a *possible* indicator.
But still, check it out.
Best, DT

Home on the Range said...

I'm glad you got tested, it always gives you more information and options. Dad was first diagnosed 13 years ago, it's popped back lately, still treatable, always a good thing.

ASM826 - thanks for your generous donation and I'm glad you enjoyed the Book of Barkley so much. Thanks for dropping me a note.

I got another two copies out today for the gentleman (P,) who donated $100 (went UPS, costs more but I want to make sure you get them).

Thank you, all of you for being part of this for Ted.