Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So, how was your day?


I've seen there here at Camp Borepatch.


Dave H said...

I can't leave tissue hanging, or even sitting out on the counter, because my cat has sworn vengeance on all rolled paper products. Makes for interesting conversation when guests use the facilities.

Guest (through the door): "You're out of..."
Me (back through the door): "In the cabinet above the tank."
Guest (exiting) "Why..."
Me: "Cat."

Everybody who knows me knows cats. No further explanation is required.

Goober said...

"Oh, hey, you're home early! Soooo... yeah... I can explain all of this. Just give me a second."

The funny thing is that all your annoyance for having to clean up after the mes is almost worth the look on the dog's face.

Old NFO said...

True... AND ANOTHER reason NOT to have cats...

ProudHillbilly said...

Hey! At least MY cats don't steal the fry pan off the stove and put in their bed like a certain dog we both know!