Monday, September 29, 2014

Kilted To Kick Cancer - Day 29: Almost gone

This has been quite a month, with the teams raising over $10,000.  Jay has opened up a comfortable lead, but I'm glad to have done my bit.  I keep thinking that Dad would have laughed his butt off if he could have seen me, but I also think that he would have smiled about it.  Thank you, everyone who donated via Team Borepatch for that particular thought - I means a lot to me.

But the month isn't over, and while collectively we've broken the $10,000 mark, that's just a number.  If you haven't donated yet, there's still time.  Remember, if you donate $50 via Team Borepatch, you'll get an autographed copy of Brigid's amazing Book Of Barkley.


Old NFO said...

We need to do better. And I'm sure your dad would be proud... Maybe a few comments about the legs, but proud! ;-)

Jay G said...

I'm certain your dad is proud, Borepatch.

For what it's worth, your blogfather is so proud of you he might just burst.