Thursday, September 25, 2014

9 good ideas about home alarm systems

Good advice.


R.K. Brumbelow said...

Nah, all you need is a parrot and a doberman.

Pay attention to blind zones with alarms. One major NOC in Dallas, TX had an 'excellent' system with biometrics, guards, triple locks etc etc. None of it extended into the plenum. A 10 ft plenum with a drop ceiling as a floor under I beams.

We did not get that contract, but it was trivial to defeat and fun showing off.

Eagle said...

RK: re. plenum space, the DOD agrees with you when it comes to security spaces.

Drop ceilings aren't "technically" allowed at any level above "confidential", and are explicitly disallowed in spaces in which "top secret" work is done. And those "top secret" spaces are also supposed to be "tempest secure" as well.

The fastest way to lose your ability to do security work for the gummint is to violate space security by putting SECRET/NOFORN equipment in a room with a plenum that doesn't have floor-to-roof walls. I know: I saw it happen at a company once... and they didn't get their clearance back until they spent a *lot* of money doing some major construction work.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

@Burt Yeah my story is more than a bit dated (it was Circa 2001) and I have been assured that -redacted-*
has fixed the flaws.

The point is still useful to homeowners however: Know where the blind spots are and make certain you have to move through an observed area (or three) to get to the monitoring equipment and any valuables.

*a certain building in Dallas that looks remarkably like a certain Worlds Fair building from a famous British celebration