Friday, September 5, 2014

KTKC fundraising update

Happy Medic has a post up on the KtKC blog about what's been raised so far.  A HUGE shout out to you here for your generous donations so far.  And even better, for the regular stream of donations:
Special congratulations to Team Borepatch for having a donation on each day so far!  In addition, Team Borepatch is credited with the first RECURRING monthly donation to KTKC from Dan H in Georgia.  We’ll try to figure out if his donations from Oct-Aug count for you next year.  So far the rules only allow for donations made in the Month.

Dan H, thank you.  And to the others who have donated, thank you.  You are Team Borepatch. 

And to everyone else, please consider giving what you can.  It's not the competition that matters (although that's fun) - it's the end goal that's the point.  Jennifer has a great post about this, and how it's personal with her, too.

To my Gentlemen Readers of a Certain Age, please go and get checked.  I did today, and will have a picture of the kilt in the doctor's office up tomorrow.


Goober said...

What's the target age for starting to get checked? Anyone know?

Borepatch said...

Goober, I think they'll start it as part of your annual physical when they think it's important. Certainly guys over 40 should be getting screened annually.

Peter said...

"I did today, and will have a picture of the kilt in the doctor's office up tomorrow."

Don't you mean "a picture up the kilt in the doctor's office"?


Brad_in_IL said...


I have a family history ... I am almost 50 & get an annual screening for prostate cancer and last year had my first colonoscopy. I'll have another scoping when I'm 51 or 52. Prep for the scope was far worse than the procedure.

- Brad


2cents said...

I'll double my donation if you promise to stop posting pictures of your uncovered legs.