Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kilted To Kick Cancer - Day 3 with an awesome old car

I'm doing my very best "Vanna White" Car Show presentation at the Atlanta High Museum of Art Automotive Art exhibition.  Good thing there's a great car here.

It's a 1936 Stout Scarab, envisioned to be a Living Room on wheels.  It was basically the first minivan, but with style.  I posted this picture a couple days ago, but this is the view of the rear.

No, you don't get a view of my rear, although thank you for asking (you perv).  Der Wik describes the insanely cool design:
By discarding the usual running-boards and expanding the cabin to the full width of the car, as well as using a long wheelbase, the Scarab offered a spacious interior. Space was further maximized by placing the engine directly over the rear axle and moving the driver far forward, so that the steering wheel was almost directly above the front wheels. Passengers entered through a single, large common door, and encountered a flexible seating system, that could be configured in almost any arrangement imaginable, except for the driver, whose seat was fixed. Rivaling the seating in modern MPVs, such as the Chrysler Voyager or Renault Espace, there was even a small card table which could be fitted anywhere among the passenger seats if so required. Interiors were appointed in leather, chrome, and wood. Design elements also worked in a stylized ancient Egyptian "scarab" motif, including the car's emblem. Visibility to the front and sides was similar to that of an observation car, although rearward vision was almost nil and there were no rear-view mirrors.

This is Day 3 of the Kilted To Kick Cancer fundraiser for Prostate Cancer research.  If you are of a mind to donate to a great charity, hit their donation page (and please make sure that you select Team Borepatch).  It's a great cause - Prostate Cancer is what took Dad - and it's tax deductible as a 501(c)3 charity.


wrm said...

Wow. That almost beats the Curtiss Aerocar I saw at the Peterson.

kx59 said...

Looking quite svelte in that skirt BP.
Have you lost weight, or does the McBP clan plaid just have a slimming effect?

Borepatch said...

kx59, I'm glad that it wasn't the lovely Southern Belle who left that comment ...