Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Advice from a cop on restoring the public's trust of the police

Lose the military gear.  Wear cameras.  End the War on Drugs.  Word.

Hat tip to Isegoria.


Anonymous said...

THAT says it all!

or mostly...


R.K. Brumbelow said...

Had me until the "war on drugs" section. I understand people want to escape reality and I appreciate all the idiots who are out there making themselves living experiments to show just how negatively drugs affect the brain. I even understand that in a big for 'personal freedom' people think that drug use should be fine.

But as a person who suffers from residual effects of small changes over the past 30 years to his brain, I can tell you it is cumulative and it is insidious and quite frankly we do not understand it to any substantial degree.

I will never support legalization of drug use, just like I will never support abortion.