Monday, September 8, 2014

Jimmy Buffett - Island

I've been on a bit of a Jimmy Buffett kick lately for some reason.  This has a bittersweet flavor which isn't what most people expect from him.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Buffet can do really good bittersweet. "Breathe in, Breathe out, Move On" was kind of our theme song after my dad died, for whatever reason it was very therapeutic.

lotta joy said...

Having just met you, I'm here to mention I will be shutting my blog down due to troll attacks on my comment section by nitwits. But I can't take it. I have a 9/11 tribute already scheduled for my dear Joe, because he was there in the capacity of Command of his unit of firefighters.

After that, I'll be avoiding going to my own blog, that I loved.

ProudHillbilly said...

Oh, yeah. He's way more than "Margaritaville." Not that there's anything wrong with "Margaritaville." Especially at a concert where multiple generations know all the lyrics and motions. And now you've reminded me that I'd like to do one more Buffet concert before he quits touring.

Bob said...

He's always been good at ballads, it's just not conducive to the party atmosphere of his concerts to do a lot of them. His album Riddles In the Sand, written during a period in which his marriage foundered, is full of self-pitying ballads.

Of all of them, Biloxi, written by the late Jesse Winchester, is probably my favorite.