Saturday, June 27, 2009

Juden und schwarze musik

Why we won World War II

Hat tip: Billy Ockham, who also has everything you need to understand economics.


Bob S. said...

The closest the Missus and I ever came to breaking up was just before our marriage.

We wanted to take dance lessons so our first dance wouldn't be just us shuffling around the floor.

Never, ever take dance lessons together if one person (her) was a talented musician and the other was a klutz (me) that couldn't keep the beat if someone was hitting them over the head in time with the music.

We survived but it lead to my theory of pre-marital stress testing.

A couple should do three things together
1. Take a long trip across country in a small car.
2. dance lessons
3. a major home improvement project

if the couple can not do two out of the three things successfully, marriage might not last

Borepatch said...

Bob, interesting comment. #1 was not at all a problem for us. #2 had its moments, both good and bad. We actually don't do it any more, which I suspect says something.

#3 was sure a test, when we added on. Won't do that one again.

But as you well know, I married a saint.