Saturday, June 20, 2009

The New Nashville

Viewed through the lens of snark. Flatts and Scruggs:

And another:


I tend to avoid the "pop country vs. classic country" wars, there's no doubt that today's Nashville is more packaged than before (cough! Rascal Flatts cough!). Farce the Music provides reliable snark, to skewer those who need skewering. Quality snark, like John Rich's Songwriting Tip #9:
Soccer mom Madison wants to hear how wrong she was done by her ex husband (in a humorous manner of course). She wants to hear about love and thinking back to teenage days and drinking wine from a Dixie cup. Not about how your last threesome went awry when one of the parties turned out to be a Bobbi with a "y." Safe: God, pie, beer, mama. Not safe: herpes, rope burns, naked slap fights.
Now I like Big & Rich just fine, but that right there's a funny joke.

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