Thursday, June 18, 2009

Internet Security and Grateful Dead concerts

From security guru Rich Mogul comes a great story with applicability to managing security:
I used to sort of like the Dead until I started working Dead shows. While it might have seemed all "free love and mellowness" from the outside, if you've ever gone to a Dead show sober you've never met a more selfish group of people. By "free" they meant "I shouldn't have to pay no matter what because everything in the world should be free, especially if I want it", and by mellow they meant, "I'm mellow as long as I get to do whatever I want and you are a fascist pig if you tell me what to do, especially if you're telling me to be considerate of other people".
Concerts, Internet Security, and how to eat the elephant. If this is your bag, baby (as it is mine), you need to RTWT.

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NotClauswitz said...

Heh, we used to live in a shack once inhabited by Jerry Garcia. When the Dead would play Frost Amphitheater strange people would wander up the driveway - including Dead Historian Dennis McNally who 'splained it all to us.