Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blogroll updates

Two additions this week, both of whom have been kind enough to blogroll me.

First to Albert Rasch, who I'd really like to go hunting with some time. Sadly, this probably won't happen unless he likes hunting with total n00bs.

Second is Gordon Durand at Zeta Woof who describes himself as "bitter, rebellious, and stubbornly uncooperative." I'm pretty sure that this means that if you like what you read here, you'll like what you read there. Plus, he also like the NASA Astronomy Picture Of The Day.

If anyone else out there has a blog, and if you've blogrolled me, I'd be happy to reciprocate. Drop me an email (or leave a comment).

1 comment:

Albert A Rasch said...


I'll hunt with anyone!

Well, as long as you know that the pointy end with the hole in it always points away from me.

Thanks for throwing me on your Blogroll I appreciate it!

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