Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Man scores 1,000,000 on Guitar Hero

Sets a World Record:
If only Metallica had written the song a minute shorter, I could have used the South Park joke for my lead-in. But the Guitar Hero whiz kid, Danny Johnson, broke the world record for the most points in any song on Guitar Hero: Metallica. He played the 11-minute song, Mercyful Fate, off of Metallica's cover album, Garage Inc. Johnson's already broken the record in Guitar Hero III by setting the highest score on Dragonforce's Through The Fire And Flames.
Video here. Warning: it's 11 minutes long. But he plays 3000 notes in a row, for a cool million points.

I'd say something, but I have nothing that tops what South Park had to say (you'll have to watch the very end):

Heh. Via #1 Son.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that....It's never a bad thing to start off the day with a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

Ok, its fun, but the drums aside it is a waste of effort which could be directed to teaching a new generation of musicians to play real instruments.


Anonymous said...

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