Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Airsoft related death burnout

I use Green Gas in my 1911 gas blowback airsoft pistol. Gas blowback needs gas, right?

Green Gas is propane mixed with a small amount of silicone (as a lubricant for the gun mechanism), and comes in a big can. When the can is empty, you want to dispose of it responsibly. It's propane, remember? Do not incinerate it. Do not hit it with a big old stick:

That right there is a wake up call from the Lord. It's saying "don't do that sort of thing." It also (probably) says "change your pants."

OK, it was WD-40, but I'll bet that Green Gas would have made Einstein here a shoo-in for the Darwin Awards.


Albert A Rasch said...

He DID stop, drop, and roll, so at least he was paying attention in kindergarden...

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles.

Borepatch said...

Albert, heh.