Monday, June 8, 2009

What do you do if you don't have a bayonet?

Both my readers remember that we don't care much for Teletubbies around these parts.

That's the guest of honor at last summer's New England Gunblogger Shoot. Click through and you'll see a bayonet put to good use.

So what do you do if you find yourself surrounded by Pokemon, and tragically bayonet-less? Microwave:

Via #1 Son. Now where on earth did he get that sense of humor?


TheUnpaidBill said...

That unfortunate victim of JayG is a Teletubbie Ted, but I agree with the sentiments regardless. :-)

Bob S. said...

Thanks for another site that I must make sure my 16 year old never visits and include in the contract.

Hilarious but I want to keep my house intact.

The contract is fairly simple, the boys are not able to do anything they see on the internet or tv, hear on the radio or their friends without prior, informed, written consent.

Really wished microwaves hadn't been so expensive when I was a kid :)

Tam said...

Nooooooo! Not Laa-Laa!

Jesus, why don't you go kick a puppy and tell a 5 year old that there's no such thing as Santa? (After you steal her lollipop, of course.)

Borepatch said...

Tam, I think that Tinky Winky is the only one with official "Protected Group" member status (he's the Gay one).

And candy is bad for her teeth, anyway. ;-)