Monday, June 22, 2009

British Army smallest since 1850

NuLabor is fixin' to trim Her Britannic Majesty's Army to the smallest it's been since the Crimean War. The cuts threaten the Afghanistan mission:
The official “trained manning requirement” of the army is 101,790, so the loss of three battalions, of roughly 1,800 men in total, would take the strength of the army to below 100,000.
Charles Heyman, a former infantry officer who edits The Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, a military guide, said the proposed cuts were “stark raving mad”.
He added: “If we were to withdraw from Afghanistan it would be fine but with the government saying operations there will go on for 10 years it is sheer lunacy. It will do severe damage to morale within the infantry and within the wider army.”
Europeans wonder why we don't think of them as trustworthy allies. It's because when the chips are down, we aren't sure if we can count on them.  Europe wants to go back to sleep, with end-of-history dreams. Peace Dividend! More money for NuLabor to spend on favored programs.

After all, there are always those damned uppity Yanks to sort things out, if things get out of hand.

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chrisb said...

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid leftists are. The primary mission of government should be to protect the people. These morons, just like ours, spend money on every conceivable pet project, and then look to the very thing that keeps the evil hordes at bay, for some savings.