Friday, June 26, 2009

You lost, get over it

Don Surbur comments on a BBC report from Iraq:
Iraqi: “Safety is not 100 per cent… why are the Americans leaving?”

I hate to tell him this, but we had an election in 2006. His side lost. Those who care about Iraq were able to muster enough support to give it one last shot — The Surge — before leaving, but then in 2008, we elected as president a guy who pronounced The Surge DOA before it began.

About sums it up right there. Surbur continues:

The pro-Surge side might have been helped if somewhere along the way, Iraqis had held a day of appreciation for the liberation from one of the most ruthless dictators on the face of the Earth.

A parade or two of some magnitude might have persuaded the American people that Iraqis gave a damn — that the sacrifices we endured were not in vain.

About sums it up right there, too. I supported the war, and the surge, because I didn't see an alternative, and I'm sick of the whining.

He leaves out the part about letting Europe and Korea fend for themselves, but other than that, it's spot on.

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