Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Antivirus

Coming from Microsoft:
Microsoft Corp. is preparing to launch a public beta of Morro, the free antimalware it announced last November, according to a report by the Reuters news service.

Morro will use the same scanning engine as Windows Live OneCare, Microsoft's first consumer-grade antivirus package, and the software that the free software replaces. OneCare is to get the boot June 30, when Microsoft stops selling the program.

This is fulfilling the promise that they made back in November. I still think that this is a smart move for them:
So why would Microsoft dare risk the ire of a newly expansionist Department of Justice, and antivirus competitors with the better part of $10 Billion market cap? Because the best way for them to squeeze cost out of the Windows laptop is by eliminating the antivirus software. Consider:

$5 Cost of Linux OS for manufacturer, ultimately paid by customer.

$35 Cost of Windows XP OS for manufacturer, ultimately paid by the customer.

$200 Cost of antivirus software over 4 years, paid for by customer.
There are courageous noises being made by the antivirus company PR flacks, but color me skeptical. If you're looking for a decent antivirus at no cost, this is likely to be a decent one.

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Bob said...

That's good to know. I get a full suite of antivirus/antispam/antispyware from Computer Associates, paid for by Time Warner, but I have AVG on my Eee netbook, so I might just switch to this new Microsoft product as a test.