Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zach Brown Band - Highway 20 Ride

Something strange happened when I started thinking about the song to post for Saturday Redneck: I realized I'd already posted it, last week.

It's unusual for Saturday Redneck, which has a pretty standard format: an introduction giving some background about the singer and the song, a video, and the lyrics.  Instead, this post was intensely personal.  Quite a change from the regular formula.

Many of my best posts can be described as coming from when the Muse dropped by for a visit.  I don't think any of my Saturday Redneck posts are like that.  Until now.

I quite like Zach Brown, and will do another post sometime in the regular format.  But this song of his touched my heart, and a post popped out - one that I wish Dad could read.  Not sure if I can offer higher praise.

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Quizikle said...

They talking Highway 20 or Interstate 20? US Highway 20 is the longest numbered highway in the country. Runs from Boston to just below Portland, OR. A Yankee road.

I suspect they're talking I-20 (Georgia line?), but I've lived off US 20 and feel the difference.

But I really suspect the highway itself doesn't matter.