Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gunshow AAR

I met up with fellow Austin gunblogger and Internet security dude Sports Firings, and a few of the lads from the office (remember, HR has not yet approved the new "Concealed Carry Tuesday" policy) at the SAXET Gun Show.  Here are some impressions.

It's a good idea to show up early.  It was a lot easier to navigate the aisles at 0900 than at 1215.  A lot easier.  And the vendors are friendlier then too - happy to see the first customers, vs. already getting tired after 4 hours of pandemonium.

There seems to be some sort of unwritten rule of gun shows, that you spend the better part of a C-Note an hour.

Prices vary all over the place.  I got ammunition for about half the price as at the first table I saw.  Same thing for spare magazines (well, not half, but 30% less).  Your patience seems to reward you, by reducing your spend per hour.

I expected to see more people selling shooting slings.  I guess they're not TactiCool enough, or something.  Did see one of those Saiga Tactical Evil Black Shotguns.  I'm not put off them because they look all evil and scary, I'm put off because they're north of $900.  Ouch.

The Nineteenth Century double barreled, exposed hammer shotgun from Birmingham England was also $900.  Ouch.  Not tactical, but very cool indeed.

I forgot to get stripper clips for one type of ammo.  Gonna make Baby Vulcan cry, right there.

I have four guns here at FOB Borepatch.  Today I bought ammo in three different calibers (I have plenty of .22).  Planning fail.  Of course, I can't even use the excuse that I didn't see this coming.

This was much more family-oriented.  There were almost no kids at all at the shows up in Massachusetts (other than #2 Son); Cobb County seemed to have a fair number of older (8 and up) kids.  Here in the Lone Star Republic State there were tons of folks bringing strollers into the show.  It was cool to see the kids walking because the stroller was filled up with rifles.  Heh.

I'd never heard of Tanfoglio, but their 1911-style pistols seem well built, solid, tight finish, and insanely inexpensive.  I know nothing about them other than they felt pretty good and looked well built.  The guys from the office (who know rather a lot more about guns than I do) seemed to think they were pretty good.  Anyone ever run across them?  Their .45 had a grip that was a little chunky to my taste, but it was double stack and I'm used to single.  I'd like to shoot one of these some time.

CCC AMMO had about the best prices I saw.  All factory reloads, but looks very high quality and the Guys from the office swear by it.  I pucked up a big old bag of .45 ACP.

Sports Firing's Gunwalker T-Shirt got many, many covetous glances and remarks.  There's a market opportunity there, Sean.

This was the first time I carried at a gun show.  Had to take the magazine back and leave it in the car.  I understand the tie wrap on all guns, but what's with the no magazine in the pocket?  It felt a little like Massachusetts.

I also ran across the most insanely great thing I've ever seen at a gun show, but that will be another post.  It's a Texas thing.  But there was also this:

The "Aggie Snake Gun" (barrel replaced with a hoe) - what's with hating on the Aggies?  Must be a Texas thing.

All in all, it was a great time.  In fact, the only thing missing was running into Doubletrouble and Lissa.  And going with the kids.  But it's cool to come home with ammo, even if I was a dummy and forgot stripper clips.


Chris said...

I have not had personal experience with Tanfoglio products, but three people, whose opinions about guns I have reason to trust, have told me that they are a good value. Reliable, and so forth.

Paladin said...

Aggie Hating is pretty much good natured - less so in Austin due to a long standing rivalry with T.u., though. You won't find any place with more Aggie Joke books than the bookstore in the MSC on campus. It's kind of a point of pride.

Paladin - TAMU class of '94.

Yeah... it took me two attempts with a hiatus in the middle to get it done :)

Gig 'em.

Borepatch said...

Chris, it looks like a killer price/performance ratio.

Paladin, I figured it had to be Texas inside baseball. I'll just keep my Yankee nose out of that particular rivalry. ;-)

Old NFO said...

LOL- Welcome to Western gun shows... Babies being carried and strollers FULL of guns is NOT unusual in that part of the country... :-) Glad y'all had fun!

kx59 said...

I am laughing my ever loving ass off.
"Aggie snake gun"? That is just a hoot. I am an Aggie by they way, class of '82
Take any old ethnic joke you've ever heard, substitute "Texas Aggie" and you have an Aggie Joke. There are whole books of them. Good thing we are all "good sports", farmers typically know how to shoot straight.

RJIII said...

Tanfoglio makes the EAA Witness, IMHO one of the best shooting 9mm fullsize around.

doubletrouble said...

Damn! I wanted to do a set up at that show, but Paul thought it a little fah...

NotClauswitz said...

Mr Completely shoots a Tanfoglio 9mm in his steel championship pursuits. He did pretty well with it at the match in Amsterdam

Sabra said...

Ah, A&M...where the men are men and the sheep are real nervous.

(I think my uncle taught me most of the Aggie jokes I know when he came back from school there.)