Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You might think he's racist

Because this is clearly Doubleplus Ungood:
Many people appear to be oblivious to the decivilizing effect the State has upon society. The welfare state, the war on drugs, and public education among other State interventions have destroyed black families. The welfare state encourages illegitimacy among black women, the war on drugs imprisons black men so that black women have few choices for husbands, and the public education system has destroyed so many black minds that each generation has less prospects for success. Thus, such [destructive - Boreparch] behavior is inevitable.
Of course, before you leave him a comment pointing out how his views are racist, you should know that he's black.  By definition, he can't be racist.

That sound you heard is the sound of Progressive's brains exploding.  Sounds like freedom.

Via Aretae, who finds all the cool stuff.


Anonymous said...

"you should know that he's black. By definition, he can't be racist."

You forgot the corollary: 'as long as he's a leftist.'

Quizikle said...

Seems I remember Bill Cosby coming out a few years ago and making similar statements. I believe he had the audacity to suggest perhaps it wasn't all "whitey's" fault.

Also as I recall, he was called to task for his statements.

And don't I recall King O being accused of not being "black enough" during the pre-election glory days when the brass plating was assumed to have the appearance of solid gold?

Racism is alive and well ... but I'm not sure what "racism" is anymore or who it applies to - or doesn't. (except me. by definition. I'm a male of northern European descent)