Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The air smells of freedom

Dennis, holster maker extraordinaire of Dragon Leather Works emails to say that he has finally decided that the People's Republic of New York is, well, a lot like the People's Republic of Massachusetts:
I have to admit, it will feel great to breathe the free air of Tennessee...up until now, the thought of being able to buy a handgun and not have the state demanding that I register it, and add it to a permission slip that says I'm *allowed* to have it, were just crazy thoughts. And I literally can't wait to walk into a gun shop, see a 17 round capacity handgun, ask to see it, and not be asked to show my super-secret-LEO qualification permission slip that allows me to even *touch* the gun. Hell....I'm surprised that they don't arrest folks on the spot here in NY for even *thinking* about a LEO-only handgun.

And making mag carriers for 17 rounders, at least in NY, would make me a felon, because as a non-LEO, I'm not allowed to even *possess* a mag larger than 10 rounds. Can't properly build/fit a mag carrier if I can't legally get my hands on the mag. So, yes, I will be adding hand-crafted mag carriers to my holster lineup once the business is set back up, and the Christmas orders are all packed and shipped, as well as adding gunbelts to the product lines as well.
As they used to say in the Middle Ages, Stadt luft macht frei: The air of locales that respect freedom make you, well free.

And thanks to the Super Smart rulers of New York, who drove yet another business from their fair land, and to freer climes.  Keep it up, Progressives, and keep watch your Congressional representation plummet.

But I can absolutely relate to the journey that Dennis has entered upon.  As I wrote when I made that same journey last year:
Because I no longer live in Massachusetts, I don't need special licensing from the State to own a gun.  Even without special papers, without fingerprinting and background checks, I can own one - and ammunition (!) -without becoming a felon.  What this make me, in a psychologically important way, is a citizen.  Not a subject, not someone who has to ask "please" from some Government Functionary, but a free citizen who can be entrusted with the tools of power.
Welcome to America, brother.

Dennis assures me that he has enough inventory to fill all his current orders, and will be back up in operation in time to get those orders in for sweet, sweet stocking stuffers.  Awesome.


Dragon said...

I want to say that I am humbled by folk reaching out via e-mail to welcome the family and I to the Knoxville area, after they've read the post here, over at Robbs (Sharp as a Marble), Say Uncle, Linoge, and others.

From offers to help on moving day, asking when we have free time for a get-together, being contacted by an instructor for the TN Carry Permit class, and just general well-wishes and welcoming words, I can truly say that the warmth and hospitality is going a long way to already making the wife and I feel at home.

From myself, Rebecca, and our boys...thank you. :-)

Warmest Regards,


Anonymous said...

Welcome to TN, brother...

Lissa said...

Mike's parents are local. So if someday they wanted a gun for home defense . . . we could GIVE THEM one of ours. No licensing, no forms, no nothing. How awesome is that?

(BTW, if I'm wrong about that, please email me STAT) :)

Quizikle said...


"There is no state permit required for the purchase of any rifle, shotgun, or handgun."

"A resident of the state may purchase rifle and shotguns in a state contiguous. Residents of those states may purchase a rifle or shotgun."

...wish I was still there.

Eagle said...

New Hampshire. Live Free or Die.

"Shall issue" state. Open carry. $10 multi-year concealed carry permit. Walk in, buy as many handguns as you want, walk out.

'Nuff said.

(Borepatch knows... ask him...)

Roger said...

What is happening in Mass, Conn, NY, CA etc is that the productive, freedom loving job creating,tax paying folks are leaving for states that want them and give them freedom to do and be what they can be.
Those that remain in the nanny states continue to be net users, rather than producers. Ultimately this will lead to collapse of the nanny state. However collapse is not acceptable to the nanny fed.
Thus the fed will "bail out" the failed nannys with - - - - - guess who's money? We're right back in the ole hole of supporting the do nothings - want everythings.
The Tea Party is just the beginning of what is needed to correct the destructive path this country is on.