Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The NSA: We're from the Government, and we're here to help

More specifically, to help you keep your home computer and home WiFi network more secure.  Pretty decent advice, really.  This isn't earth shattering advice, but it's good advice nonetheless.

For home WiFi, newish readers should read this old post, too.


Ruth said...

hah, I will admit to (when I still lived in an apt with buildings close on either side), just sitting there watching the unsecured wireless connections all around me. Had some really nice signal strength on several too.....my own functioned just fine, so I was never tempted to DO anything, but yah, it was a little scary!

I've never understood it though, if you use the disc that came with the router to set up your router, everyone I've ever seen trys to get you to set up security as part of that process. How are so many people not bothering??

Dave H said...

Ruth: Setting up security on the router is easy, but getting all your other devices set up to work with it is a pain in the nether port. Every wireless interface I've ever owned had a different piece of setup software, and not all of them cooperated well with the "let Windows configure the wireless" setting.

Old NFO said...

Dave is right... It took me a month to actually get everything actually working on WPA2...sigh

Ruth said...

Well, I guess that makes me a geek then cause I didn't have that much trouble with it at all. Oh well.