Monday, August 15, 2011

You belong to the State

So do your children.

So obey, prole, or get ready for a SWAT raid.  Actually, getting ready for a SWAT raid is probably an additional felony.  But remember who the State isEven when it's not criminally corrupt.


ProudHillbilly said...

So often our arguments are made for us. But the irony is still missed by the "bigger government is better government" crew.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Sounds bad, but looking at both the source and tone of the original article, and take it with a large grain of salt. We all know the media's tendency to slant the facts to favour their agenda, and the original article here makes no effort whatsoever to even appear to be presenting the story neutrally.

I don't doubt the facts they've printed, but I do wonder if what they're not saying would make any difference.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

And when I change part of a sentence, I really should make sure the rest of the sentence agrees with what I've changed, before I hit the submit button.

Replace "and take it with a large grain of salt" with "I'm going to take it with a large grain of salt."

Borepatch said...

Jake, the reason I called this out is that this isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened. If you read Stephany's blog, you'll see all sorts of examples where the Court system is a blunt instrument that crushes people.

My own experience is that it's nearer the truth than a lot of people would care to think.

Obey, or else.

Sabra said...

This sort of thing happens all the time. CPS continually, consistently bashes parents for making outside-the-mainstream choices. Around here, they routinely violate their own policies and procedures, not to mention state law, and get away with it. (Look back at the FLDS raid. Afterward, they said they weren't used to dealing with people who had their own lawyers. This should give you some idea of what this agency really does.)

It is viciously hard to fight against, because if you've come up on their bad side and you start to speak out against them, you are automatically labeled a child abuser. Cloaking yourself in "for the good of the children" is, in this country, a route to almost unchecked power.

soulful sepulcher said...

The article about the mother and her 12 yr old on Risperdal is presented in an unbiased way on my blog, the mother has had her daughter taken away, and other articles of the history of what happened are in Google--for a search--the mom is not treated any worse than my own daughter was when she was missing, mute and vulnerable, cops threw her to the ground, face down, cuffed her, put her in the back of a squad car, all because she was reported MISSING.

The report to 911 by a care facility included a mental health connection so the woman cop used excessive force to 'keep her safe'.

Mothers take chances like this one in the article did based on their love of their child and refusal to be forced to drug their think about this:

The parents of Rebecca Riley, age 4 and dead from psych meds, are in prison for the murder of their child because they DID give her the psychiatrist prescribed meds!

As I wrote on my blog, this is an atrocity.

Another horrific story, a man with schizophrenia dx was beaten to death by Fullerton, CA police, and reports are they beat him after he was unconscious.

Risperdal, the antipsychotic the mother refused to give her 12 yr old is not approved for ADHD and that is the child's dx. Not schizophrenia, which is what Risperdal is for, and psychosis. Far cry from the treatmment of ADHD meds.

The daughter was placed in grave danger in a RTC after this, and according to reports was sexually assaulted there....

soulful sepulcher said...

Here's the link to the Fullerton, CA, beating victim, and it includes a graphic image...left beateb by police...he's dead now.

Anonymous said...

Government swap teams breaking down parents doors forcing children to take unapproved drugs...Mentally ill man beaten to death while not resisting by police in Fullerton California....naked body scans and groping of innocent citizens at airports without probably cause...shutting down communication networks in San Fransisco to deny free speak to legal protesters...This is America??

Check points @ state borders next..

If you think Government won't soon be declaring everyone crazy & busting down your doors to confiscate your are in for a rude awakening...

Just my opinion on this topic :)


Borepatch said...

Stephany, or the cops who shot a mentally ill man in the back with a shotgun on the Danziger Bridge in New Orleans during Katrina.

The list basically never ends.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

I certainly don't doubt that these things happen - I am well aware that they do. But the way that Natural News article is written, if it had claimed that water was wet I would get up and go to the sink just to double check. That's all I was trying to say.

A quick google search and a look at Epocrates brings up information that the Natural News article is either leaving out, talking around, or flat-out wrong about. There is some significant distortion of the facts going on there.

Stephany, you are correct that Risperdal is not used to treat ADHD, but where did you find that as the child's diagnosis? The Natural News article implies that, but only indirectly, and I've only found one other source that claims any diagnosis at all (an unspecified "type of psychosis", which Risperdal would likely be appropriate for), and the other sources imply that no one actually knows for sure. All other sources do agree that the child's symptoms were worsened by the medication, and that she now appears to be symptom-free without it.

The Natural News article makes it sound like SWAT battered down the door and came crashing in through the windows with no warning whatsoever and snatched the child out of her arms. Yet nothing else I've seen indicates that SWAT got involved before she fired a gun and barricaded herself in her home. SWAT involvement at that point would be normal and understandable, regardless of how the situation got to that point. All the sources I've seen other than Natural News also agree that they never made entry and she was talked out.

Having said all that, after looking at the other sources I found via Google, I agree 100% that the situation is an atrocity, and an horrible abuse of the system by DCS. In fact, if some of the allegations against DCS are true (and I don't doubt that they are), those involved need to go to jail for a very, very long time. But that Natural News article is garbage, and appears to be written to exaggerate the worst parts of what has happened in a way meant to deliberately anger people as much as possible. The angry tone of the article is justified, but the distortion of the facts is not.

soulful sepulcher said...

CBS Detroit

soulful sepulcher said...

btw, the discussion taking a turn to the news source being garbage is typical of mental health discussions, no one wants to admit these atrocities happen day in and day out to kids, adults, teens, friends, neighbors, loved ones. State institutions are alive and well, they still use shackles on MI patients w forensic backgrounds, they still have locked seclusion rooms and they continue to give forced injections such as a mix called a B-52. Patients are transported all point restraints on gurneys, and rarely informed of their rights.

If a person is involuntarily committed in WA state their gun and gun permits are removed until a judge reverses that order, that is a LAW and in the fine print most patients don't know about unless they have an advocate or an attorney to inform them of their loss of the gun and permit.

I tossed that in here considering this is a blog w a lot of gun owners/users reading.

The fact remains that this mother will probably never have her daughter live under her roof again, that is the cold, sickening truth. The other cold sickening truth, is that the child will be forced to be medicated with neuroleptics that carry black box warnings that can be deadly, and no long term study for safety and efficacy in kids has been done.

Risperdal is approved for use in kids for chemical restraint purpose for the agitation that can accompany Autism and the spectrum.

The fact remains the mother had a SWAT team in her yard and she put up one hell of a fight to protect her child from being drugged.

She lost, the child lost more....

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"btw, the discussion taking a turn to the news source being garbage is typical of mental health discussions"

You'll notice, now that I've seen the facts verified by other news accounts, that I do agree this is an atrocity. The issue was that the openly hostile tone of the Natural News article, while justified, put up my "verify this first" flags.

I called it garbage because of the noticeable and verifiable distortions of facts that it contained.

Anger in this case is good, and proper. Distorting what really happened is not.

Anonymous said...

How is the Judge any different from this: Raper of 9 year olds.

BTW, these stories about police tell us that the police are not your friends, especially when the shit hits the fan.