Monday, August 15, 2011

The Categorical Imperative

Immanuel Kant's moral philosophy held that a Categorical Imperative was an unconditional requirement for all people, at all times.  It is both required and justified in and of itself.

Making Barack Obama's campaign buy ammo for Blackfork can only be described as a Categorical Imperative.  Get clicking.  Besides, "Obammunition"?  That's worth the click right there.  Go be moral.

UPDATE: Bad link fixed.


ZerCool said...

Not sure if that's a link issue or other; it leads me into a redirect loop.

Alan said... is wondering WTF? about now.

Hat Trick said...

I've clicked Obama's ad from Blackfork often enough that the cookies are bringing him to the top of the ad list when I visit. I don't have to go hunting for it anymore. :-D Barry's buying him lots of ammo by now.