Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why they want gun control

JayG describes the situation:
I invite all leftists that agree with Mr. Wells to study these videos. Your side has papier-mâché puppets of George W. Bush; the Tea Party side has guys with recoilless rifles and belt-fed weapons. Your side lobs molotovs and breaks windows; the Tea Party side launches anvils and fires cannons. Your side has the jokers in the G7 riots smashing windows to steal TVs; the Tea Party side has guys like Joe Huffman running Boomershoot and countless others running Appleseed programs.

Which side would you bet on in this match-up?
They want gun control because they know they lose this matchup.  They want gun control because it's a rebuke to them that there are power centers not controlled by the government (and therefore beyond their control) - beyond their reach, in fact, because the power is invested not in a single organization, but in millions and millions of autonomous individuals.

Can't have that.  And that's why we don't believe them when they say they won't take our guns.  They would if they could.

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