Thursday, August 18, 2011

OK, then

Because we all know that Millionaire Singles are hot for us.

Well, for you.  Not so much for me.


Dave H said...

I get similar ads when I go on Yahoo, although instead of advertising millionaire singles in my area (there are none - just check the census data for my ZIP code) they say "meet 50+ women in your area!"

I can guarantee there are nowhere near 50 women in my area. (Again, check the census.) That's why I had to go to Canada to find someone.

jon spencer said...

Around here, maybe in Zimbabwe dollars.

Eagle said...

Howcome all I get are ads promising to increase the size of my... bank account?

(Just keeping it clean, folks... LOL!!!)

And, to Dave H: No, you misread it. They're offering to put you in contact with women older than 50! (50+) I suppose if you're 85, that might seem like a good deal... but if you're 40-ish... ahem...