Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Austin blog meetup?

There's the Happy Fun show (Gun Show) this weekend.  Anyone in Austin want to meet up?  I need to get Ammo and a rifle sling, but it would make a fun afternoon.

It would be fun to meet for Blues In The Park tomorrow (Los Lonely Boys headlining), but not going to be able to make it.  But all y'all go and have fun.  It's free, in Zicker Park.

UPDATE: Saturday is the day we're look at for the Gun Show.


Bob said...

If you get a chance to see Slaid Cleaves or Gurf Morlix at any time while you're in Austin, do.

Southern Belle said...

If I can talk the hubby into a nice drive to the hill country this weekend will see what we can do... you talking Saturday or Sunday?

Dwight Brown said...

If I can make some progress on the project I'm working on, I could do the Fun Show on Saturday, and would be delighted to meet up with folks.

Sunday, I'm taking the nephews (and possibly the niece) to the Snake Farm in New Braunfels. If they behave themselves, I will probably be bringing them back as well.

Anonymous said...

Nah, not much I need at the gun show but have fun. It is a good show usually.


Borepatch said...

Belle and Dwight, I'm thinking Saturday. I need to pick up some .303 for a Sunday range day.

Southern Belle said...

I'll check with the hubby but I'm not sure if I can sweet talk him into making the drive up there to look at lots of shooty stuff.

I'll give him my sweetest smile and maybe I'll make him a nice dinner on Sunday........ food usually works.

What time are you talking about meeting up?

Dwight Brown said...

Saturday works for me. I'll keep an eye on here for times.

I'm not sure how we'll know each other, but I'll try to remember to wear my Gunwalker shirt. How many of those can there be at the gun show?

Borepatch said...

You guys make the trip, I'll adjust to your schedule.

Since it's not the 2009 ZOMG-Obama-got-elected-buy-all-the-ammo-in-sight, there's probably no real reason to get there early.

Southern Belle said...

I emailed the hubby and informed him that I have darts tonight and asked him about going up there.... all I got was an 'okies'.

No clue if he was saying 'okies' to the fact that I'm throwing pointy things tonight or to the gun show... or both....

I wonder if playing dumb and just getting him up Saturday to head up there and when he asks, "WTF are you doing?" I say, "Well you said, 'okies', I just assumed you meant the show too!"

Haha.. just kidding, I'll get the correct answer and let you know.

John the Texaner said...

Dude, how long have you been in Austin? I was just catching up on reading stuff, and noticed that you were talking about Texas weather, which really confused me. Then you mentioned Austin, and I had to ask GBC what the hell was going on here. I guess you've been here nearly a month and a half and I didn't know about it.

Welcome to Austin. We really ought to go to the range sometime.