Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just call me Ashok

I just spent an hour on the phone with my younger brother.  He's visiting Mom, and trying to get her computer back on the Internet.  He spells "computer" with a "k".

After 45 minutes, I realized he was typing a backslash instead of a slash.  *Headdesk*

I don't see how tech support does it.  Strong language warning.


doubletrouble said...

Ashok, you are fine support people.

Are you still on line?, my pardons for the delay.
I will talk at you soon.

Thanks for your help, lad.

kx59 said...

how many times have I said that..
make sure you push the "foreslash" and not the "backslash"
The backslash is for the local network, the foreslash is for the i n t e r n e t

ASM826 said...

A komputer that boots from a CD, runs a GUI version of Linux, uses something like a 16 GB thumb drive for storage, connects to the internet, and has Open Office for word processing, along with a slate of other freeware.

If someone manages to crash it, just reboot. Everything is reset.

It can't be permanently infected with a virus, just reboot.

All the config is on the CD. The CD is an image file you have stored and backed up.

Knoppix works really well for this, but it can be done with Ubuntu. I use it to get into Windows PCs that won't boot for whatever reason, usually to retrieve files. It could be used as a normal PC, though, and it would work well with older PCs, not needing all the processing power that Win 7 requires.

Laura said...

I don't see how tech support does it.

copious amounts of alcohol, violent video games and/or a healthy range habit, and friends going through the same thing are what gets us through.

oh, and fritos/cheetos/doritos.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the foamy the squirrel cult.