Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Bataan Death March Day!

I Want A New Left brings an excellent suggestion:
Last year I proposed (here) that we should devote each day from August 1st through August 5th to some Japanese atrocity in World War II. The point here is to counter the poisonous rhetoric that makes it seem as though America is a uniquely villainous country.
The Left is curiously silent on atrocities committed by non-Americans.  Late this week, we'll get the usual hand-wringing about how Evil America dropped nuclear bombs.  Teh horrors!

Nothing about what led up to that.  At least the communist fellow travelers took enough marching orders from Moscow to call out German atrocities.  Those done by the Japanese?


Ignorant, yet strangely filled with a sense of moral superiority.  Strange.


Murphy's Law said...

It's almost time again for the usual band of old Japanese and young American college kids to pop up in Washington DC and hold a "we were victims" press conference at the Lincoln Memorial before floating some Japanese lanterns in the reflecting pool.

Every year....

ASM826 said...

Ever hear of the Palawan Massacre? I think it rates a day of it's own. Late in the war, men who survived the march from Bataan, were herded into trenches filled with gasoline. The gasoline was ignited. Men who ran were machine-gunned.

knottedprop said...

Remember all the soldiers who suffered at their hands, we had one guy return home to my village pretty messed up from his treatment by the Japanese. From seeing that my grandparents refused to have anything to do with the Japanese born prior to 1941. I think the words "evil bastards" was bandied about.
However while not as bad it should also be remembered that the Italians also treated our prisoners appallingly far worse than the Germans ever did. You won't hear of that in any history book either.