Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Wadda ya mean, I can't fly with a grenade?"

Blogger Bob at the TSA Blog has some compatriots, Lynn posts about how they've been finding people bringing hand grenades through the security checkpoints. Seems they've found twenty one grenades since July (!).


Like Bob, Lynn has what seems to be a decently bloggy sense of humor:
The lesson to be learned here is that even if it’s a gift (gag or otherwise), souvenir or inert, putting a grenade in your carry-on or checked bag is a no-no. I would also suggest not packing the new novelty grenade MP3 player in your carry-on or checked bags. Not only will you be delayed and possibly miss your flight, but you could also end up spending some quality time with law enforcement officers.
"Quality time"? Boy, howdy.

I've spent some time here pointing out some of the more irritating things that the TSA has done. But there's another side to the story, too - some of the folks flying these days clearly don't have enough brain cells to fog a mirror. Lynn has a "grenades" post category. Actually, that makes me a bit envious, although I do have one for Earth Shattering Kaboom.

So well done, Lynn. Offering as a public service, your one stop shop for Grenade Checkpoint Etiquette. Heh.

Post tagged under "Bad Idea" because, well, taking a grenade through the security checkpoint is a bad idea, mkay?


Anonymous said...

Likewise, the more formal "Hello, John," is probably a better choice than its more informal counterpart. Heh.


Paladin said...

Note to self:

Leave MG42 shaped novelty beard trimmer at home before next flight.