Friday, October 23, 2009

Now that's how to appologize

Mrs. Sandra Burt likes to sing. She'd sing at the office, until she was asked to stop. By the Performing Right Society, who wanted her to get a performance license:
Sandra Burt, 56, who works at A&T Food store in Clackmannanshire, was warned she could be fined for her singing by the Performing Right Society (PRS).


The village store where Mrs Burt works was contacted by the PRS earlier this year to warn them that a licence was needed to play a radio within earshot of customers.

When the shop owner decided to get rid of the radio as a result, Mrs Burt said she began singing as she worked.

Even the PRS figured out that this was a little over the top, and apologized. A real apology, not one of those "we're sorry if someone was offended" pseudo-apologies:

In response to the furore created by their initial hardline, the PRS contacted Mrs Burt to apologise.

In a note attached to a large bouquet of flowers they said: "We're very sorry we made a big mistake.

"We hear you have a lovely singing voice and we wish you good luck."

Flowers and a proper apology. Well done, lads.

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