Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear NRA ...

I signed back up when your folks called last night. Yes, I know that I let my subscription expire - I'll give you another try. I even signed #2 Son up, because he might even read your kids magazine. But now that we're BFF again, let me give you some advice.

When someone lets their membership lapse, you really should ask them why.

I even tried to tell your folks, but they weren't interested in much more than my credit card number. I guess that's what you pay them for, so I don't have a beef with them. But your membership department lost an opportunity for figure out why one of your members thinks he may drop you like alfredo.

But as I said, we're like totally BFF again, so I'll tell you anyway:

When I look at the legal battle around the Second Amendment, you're not a leader - you're a follower. Leaders lead.

So lead.

Love, Borepatch

P.S. Maybe if you can work to get the Second Amendment incorporated, we could celebrate! I mean, Mom and Dad might even let you come to a sleepover!!!1!

P.P.S. Lead.


Home on the Range said...

I wrote up my beef with them yesterday. I got the call for money, without any sort of personal interaction and without even LISTENING to me. Everything they are supposed to be against.

SORELY disappointing.

Paladin said...

You should start getting reminders to renew your membership sometime toward the end of next week.


doubletrouble said...

"PPS- Lead."

Yup- I sure could use some more lead, I'm damn near out...

NotClauswitz said...

Having lived the life of fundraising it seems to me the NRA has focused too much on cost-effectiveness and contracted-out services for retention - services that evidently would be better handled by someone in Bangalore where they have a more attentive and schooled approach to customer-care.
But seriously they call you? I have never received a call from the NRA, I just get the magazine - but I don't answer the phone either, that's what machines are for.