Monday, October 19, 2009

Blogroll additions

Three additions today. The Supersonic Reflectoscope covers Life, the Universe, and Everything with a techno-l33t panache. A frequent commenter here, some day I aspire to join his blogroll. Hint.

Lone Star Pastor is your one-stop-shop for Episcopal Church inside baseball (to horribly mangle a truly incongruous mixture of metaphors). As a one-time episcopalian who simply cannot relate to the New Age "improvements" that have been made there recently, I can relate to a lot that he posts.

Last but not least is a man who has taken Thoreau's dictum to heart: simplify! Simplify! Did It My Way has simplified his lifestyle in a way that has me envious.  Reading his blog reminds me of Thoreau's comment:
As for the complex ways of living, I love them not, however much I practice them. In as many places as possible, I will get my feet down to the earth.
Welcome to the Borepatch blogroll!


Anonymous said...

I'm humbled. I would have added you (sooner) but it seemed a little a little presumptuous for some reason.


Borepatch said...

Jim, like Zaphod Beeblebrox, I'm just a guy. ;-)