Monday, October 26, 2009

Microsoft Linux

Spotted in the wild, from Dell:

Dell is currently flogging a cheap-as-chips netbook that apparently comes loaded with that well-known Microsoft operating system, Ubuntu 8.04.

Anyone dropping in on the computer maker's UK product website will be able to buy an Intel-based Inspiron Mini 10 laptop for £199 a pop.

And, according to the blurb on the site, one ickle mobile computer in its current range is being shipped with Microsoft's, er, Linux-flavoured OS.

They have a screen shot from Dell's site, which describes the "Microsoft Operating System" as "Ubuntu Linux 8.04". Heh.

Now I suspect that the words "Microsoft Operating System" are populated on each page, straight out of a database. They probably get some kickback from the Boys in Redmond to use the term "Microsoft Operating System" rather than the term "Operating System".

That, ot their web team is fresh from Geocities.

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Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote the page in the second link should be clobbered.

Since when was iTunes a Windows program? Ok, there is a port of it for that OS, but.. yeah.

Also, their selection criteria are on glue.