Thursday, October 15, 2009

The "Bear-B-Gon" iPhone App

There isn't one, but there should be:

Rowley went through her mental list of how to prevent bear attacks. Play dead? A good last resort. Pepper spray? Didn't have it. Drop a backpack to distract the bear? She wasn't wearing one. All Rowley had was her iPhone.

She could use one of her lifelines and phone a friend. Or maybe there was an anti-bear app among the 80,000 apps on the App Store. There's Battle Bears, Bears on a Wire, Bear Beware, Chicago Bears, Go Bears!, My Teddy Bears, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The bear closed within 30 feet. "In a semi-panic, I threw the phone at the bear," Rowley says.

Turns out the bear was an Apple fanboy.

The bear sniffed and pawed at the iPhone, as Rowley briskly made her exit.
Of course, there wasn't a lot left of the iPhone when she went back for it (armed with a baseball bat).

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Weer'd Beard said...

Baseball Bat?

What did she think the bear was going to throw a ball?

(Sorry accidently dropped this in the wrong's funnier here IMHO)